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Home system of the Avrans, and economic centre of the Monarchy
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General Information
Home of the conquered Avrans, the Avrans have since been awoken from their pre-faster than light era. They have quickly developed over past few centuries to become the economic powerhouse of the Rosebourg Monarchy. So wealthy are the Avrans that it is this system alone that is keeping the Rosebourg Monarchy from completely imploding on its own economy. The Avran system hasn?t been able to succeed in replacing Beta Hydrae as the center of the Rosebourg universe ? in particular because it has little political or military say in the Rosebourg Monarchy. The Avrans though, are such good economists, that slowly but surely most financial institutions of the Rosebourg Monarchy have been relocated to the area.

Avran Prime
The wealthy Avran homeworld has used its wealth to return Avran Prime to an excellent condition. The planet is characterised by an almost centrimical precision in regards to the location of diverse fauna. The planet is Earth-like, although it does have twice the size of Earth, and twice its population.

Major Cities: Los (seat of government)
Places of Interest: The Rosebourg Treasury, the Rosebourg Stock Market, the Rosebourg Central Bank
Military Protection: Avran Defence Net
Government Locations: The Avran Royal Parliament (seat of government)
Orbit: Avran Armories, Avran Royal Fleet Yards (for the launch of prototypes)

Rosebourg Treasury
Located in the heart of Los, the Rosebourg Treasury houses what once was one of the biggest material wealth in the known universe. The Treasury has since had its reserves severely depleted in order to ensure the balance of payments of the Rosebourg Monarchy. The Treasury itself is a 4-high rise complex, characterised by a large garden in the middle of these four high rises. The garden is manicured to look like the symbol of the Dloob.

Avran Royal Parliament
Established as a result of Avran demands for more self-governance, the Avran Royal Parliament exercises limited control over its internal affairs - although it has increasingly been able to influence economic policy for the Rosebourg Monarchy on the count of the planet's importance as the rising financial heart of the Monarchy. The Royal Parliament is a former palace of the Rosebourg Royal Family, it is recognised for being one of the least pretentious palaces of the Monarchy, sporting a very simple design and a size comparable to a small palace of the Royal Family.

Avran II
Shadowing the orbit of Avran Prime, Avran II receives very little light. For one Earth month only, the orbit of Avran Prime and Avran II differ just enough that sunlight shines through for approximately eight hours per day. The peculiar darkness by which this planet is thrown lasts 12 Terran months. Temperatures are extremely cold, which has meant for many centuries Avrans thought this planet to be uninhabitable. Navaks, however, have proved them wrong. Favouring the cold temperatures of this planet, Navaks have progressively constructed more and more Navak-dominated population centres on this planet. The planet has become increasingly well known for its Festival of Light, which is celebrated the first day that the sun shines on the planet.

Major Cities: Fascho
Events of Interest: The planet's Festival of Light celebrated in all the city centres is well known throughout the Rosebourg Monarchy. Huge parties of dancing and drinking last as long as two days in celebration of the arrival of the rare sunlight onto the planet.
Military Protection: Avran Defence Net
Government Locations: None
Orbit: None

Avran III
Avran III is well known for its warmth and the large amounts of water the planet has. The warmth allows very little ice to remain, and the proliferation of beaches has made it a popular destination for the wealthy Avran business crowd. The beauty of the beaches often tops tourist guides rating the best beaches in the known galaxy. As a result, a large traffic of tourism coming from the Confederacy and from the Terran Democratic Republic has poured in, further rendering Avran III an economic success.

Major Cities: Poft
Places of Interest: The Beaches on Galandran Continent
Military Protection: Avran Defence Net
Government Locations: None
Orbit: None

The Beaches on Galadran Continent
Some of the best beaches of Avran III can be found on the Galadran Continent, a special section of beaches has been specially designed and conserved to its natural condition for tourists visiting from near and far. The Beaches also have some exquisite rest and relaxation areas and sport a large number of active shopping districts.

Avran IV
A planet marked by industrial expansion, Avran IV is responsible for a large portion of the vortex drive manufacturing industry the "Western" Rosebourg Monarchy. Likewise, several defense contractors have installed themselves on the planet. It is said the planet lives in constant smog, and that the health of inhabitans of Avran IV is quite poor in comparison to the other planets of the Avran star system. Efforts to improve environmental conservation have been thwarted by the powerful industrial lobby on the planet. The resulting smog and ozone-degredation has meant that the planet's temperature has been rising. The Monarchy's lobby for environment fear a global warming within the next century.

Major Cities: Ivil
Places of Interest: None
Military Protection: Avran Defence Net
Government Locations: None
Orbit: None

Avran V
Avran V became a well known planet when the Rosebourg Stock Market decided to move to a planet where its massive facilities could be constructed from scratch. Fearing that Avran Prime would become too powerful an economic centre and thus be able to exert political influence on Beta Hydrae Prime, the Rosebourg Royal Council forbade the Stock Market to move to Avran Prime. The solution was for the Stock Market to move to Avran V. The move has prompted many banks and other financial institutions to move Avran V, although Avran Prime retains the most financial clout and exerts an undeniable influence over Avran V as well.

Major Cities: Sehsram
Places of Interest: The Rosebourg Stock Market
Military Protection: Avran Defence Net
Government Locations: Rosebourg Ministry of the Economy - Finance Sub-Ministry
Orbit: None

Rosebourg Stock Market
Towering over Mount Kri-Kri, the Rosebourg Stock Market is a building designed in the symbol of the Dloob. The building is made of imported crystal, imported all the way from Beta Hydrae. The building's architecture was thought to be ingenious and bold at the time, and continues to warrant particular interest amongst young architects. The Stock Market is one of the most powerful stock markets in the Known Universe, despite the Rosebourg economic recession.

Avran VI
A gas giant with no possibilities of supporting life.

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