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Chapter 2

by Kim L. Smouter author list
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?They?re going down northbound on Hless Avenue! Do you read me Alpha-10?? One of the Dividian police cars? co-pilots shouted, as the car was pushed to the limit, its sirens wailing.

?Alpha-11, this is Alpha 10, I read you, we?re making our way down Taif Avenue, reinforcements have been dispatched!? The voice of one of the police hover-roadsters? pilot replied, as they too pushed their vehicles to their limits.

?Shots fired! Shots fired!?

?This is Alpha 10 to all vehicles in the region, we?re taking weapon?s fire from the hover-roadster gangs! I repeat; we?re taking weapon?s fire!?

?Alpha 10, this is Alpha-11, we?re seeing you on our scopes!?

?Alpha 11, this is Alpha 10, get ready to do a U-turn! We?re about to fly right past you!?

?Don?t worry about us, just don?t loose track of them!?

The pair of hover-roadster?s sirens turned on, adding the choirs of electronic noises that warned the neighborhood the police was out in force. In front of the police car was a crew of three hover-roadster? members of one of the many gangs the Dividian police tried to tackle. But this time, it was a little different; the hover-roadster gangs were heavily armed. One of the guys turned around and fired his laser rifle into the police car? the armor reflected the laser shot without much trouble as the police car picked up more speed.

Further down Hless Avenue, the police were setting up a hover barrage to stop the gang. The police cars were blocking traffic in all directions as the cars? laser rifles aimed blankly in front of them. The sirens and the flashing lights could be seen and heard for hundreds of meters as the police officers waited nervously for the arrival of the gang and their pursuing police vehicles. The gang leader looked back at the police car chasing them? he looked again, and the two hover-bikes that had just joined the chase. He pushed his engines faster?1200 kilometers per hour; he could feel his clothing wanting to tear away from him.

?Boss! Up ahead!! Police barrage!? He could hear in his helmet.

?Hang on to your seats, ladies, we?re going to have to dodge!?

The Dividians opened fire at the hover-roadsters, as the gang?s members dodged the shots easily. The gang leader took one look at the barrage, as he reached inside his pocket, pulling out three small balls.


He screamed at his gang, as they all applied the brakes, the pursuing police car and hover-roadsters flew right past him towards the barrage. As soon as he saw the three vehicles flying past them, he threw the balls into the barrage. As soon as they made contact with a vehicle, they exploded, sending the entire barrage up in flames. As the smoke parted, all that remained was burning shards? all of the police officers and their vehicles annihilated. The gang?s leader looked at his crew.

?And that?s what I call? police diversion.?

?Boss! Report from the Jeliquo gang! They?re being chased by 5 coppers! They need some back up!?

?Let?s get going then! Where are they??

?Over at Offsveldz!?

?Let?s move it!? He kicked the throttle, as his hover-roadster climbed immediately in speed? there were a lot of coppers to keep diverted.

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