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Chapter 3

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The sirens wailed into the night as the firefighters struggled to contain the burning inferno, which raged in the schoolyard. The fire was persistent and it proved difficult to get any of the children out. Everywhere along the Dividian district of the city, the sirens of ambulance wailed as police officers were transferred from one hospital to another. The biker gangs had long disappeared and split up into their respective undergrounds. On the Dividian side, parents ran to the schoolyard, hoping to find their child alive and safe. Unfortunately, all the praying in the world would not give them their child back. One after another, the charred remains of small children?s bodies appeared from the first of the buildings where the fire had been contained.

What little police detectives remained after the operation scrounged around the scene, looking for evidence, which could give them links as to who was behind this. It was the first time they had seen the biker gangs working so efficiently, with such coordinated purpose and it worried them. The weaponry which they had been given was out of the ordinary, the weaponry was simply too good and there were few people with enough cash on the planet to pull something off ? most of them were Dividians. Already, barrages had to be set up to ensure that onlookers wouldn?t get in the way of what was clearly the worst crime scene in years. Cameras from news stations were also around, the hover-bots flying around the scene.

Near the crime scene, a tent with religious symbols had been set up to deal with the parents and their pain. Anguished moans and sobbing emanated constantly from the tent, as psychologists tried to help them overcome their grief ? if that was even possible. The parents were given the strictest of intimacy, as police officers ensured no video cameras tried to sneak a peek at their reactions. It was a heart breaking moment for all involved, more than a hundred children were dead, their school obliterated and the police for once couldn?t remain neutral for many of their own officers were also dead.

The limousine pulled out of the over-highway, as it took a right at the intersection that lead towards the inner city. It had rushed as quickly as possible to get back to the city, having come from the other side of the planet after a Planetary Council session of no real importance. The limousine was well over the speed limits, as it made a right, and a left, and began passing ambulances, which were rushing to the various hospitals of the city. Firefighting vehicles too were beginning to move away from the epicenter of the scene.

?What have we got so far,? Nley Jaquan asked as he looked over the briefing for the first time.

?We have no idea who did it,? One of his counselors replied.

?No idea who did it or no idea who coordinated it?? Nley Jaquan looked back at his counselor.

?Biker gangs did the hit, but we?re absolutely certain they were supplied by someone with a lot of cash and the right means.?

?We got banged real good based on the first reports,? Another counselor spoke up, ?All our hospitals are working as hard as they can? all patients they?ve been getting are in critical condition.?

?How could we have not seen this coming??

?As I said? someone with a lot of cash, and the right means.?

Nley Jaquan sighed, ?Casualty reports? We got any??

?They haven?t seen any survivors coming out of the school yet? The school had one hundred fifty seven children, only kids that survived were about a dozen Rosebourgs and six Terrans.?

?They chose their targets?? Nley looked up shocked at the racial component of this crime.

?Yes sir, it?s clear that they were in there to kill us, and only us.?

?By our faith??

?The Chief of Police has been on the scene since the report of the school explosion, he says it?s been a brutal crime? and also?.? The counselor?s voice lingered not wanting to report.

?What?? Nley quickly picked it up, ?Come on tell me. I need all the facts at our disposition.?

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