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Chapter 4

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The investigation was grinding to a standstill. Despite the police?s efforts, the lack of cooperation proved to be a slow cancer that was threatening the success of the investigation. The Dividian Police of the Faithful were certain that all the perpetrators lived somewhere inside the Rosebourg-Terran Ghetto, but no one would dare mention names? they feared for their own safety. The Police couldn?t guarantee them security, everyone was well aware that the weaponry used by the biker gangs in the attack on the school was much more powerful than anything the Police ever had. Detectives combed the Rosebourg-Terran Ghetto as best as they could, but several weeks after the investigation had been opened, they came back with very little new evidence or new leads.

The Police Chief stared outside of his window; looking upon the city whose security he was responsible for. His arms were crossed behind his back, his plain colored clothes barely moving as his eyes remained fixed on the city skyline. It wasn?t a large building, and the Police Headquarters was amongst the biggest of the buildings in the city ? 4 stories tall. He sighed, the future of his job rested upon the successful closure of this particular investigation. He had placed personal stake within it, having been present at the crime scene, having observed some of the evidence and having coordinated the first steps of the investigation. He had since given the task to one of his subordinate ? after all, crimes were still being committed every single day and he had other duties to attend to? life had to go on.

Since the attack on the school, the crime rate had shot up all over the city. Hate crimes in particular had raised to an alarming rate in a very short time? and the police weren?t quite sure how to deal with it. Dividian biker gangs now existed, and they fought regular skirmishes against Rosebourg and Terran biker gangs. The population was becoming apprehensive, and in the center of this crime zone was a police force whose effectives had been lowered by a lack of funding, and a loss of men. The police force of the city had been crippled by the unexpected coordinated attack by the biker gangs and they had yet to recover from it. Early estimated gave it a year or two before new arrivals from the Planetary Police Academy would arrive.

The city was loosing control of its own racially diverse population? The Chief closed his eyes for a moment hearing the police sirens coming towards the Police Headquarters. He opened his eyes, seeing the police hover-cars chasing a hover-truck that was heading straight for the Headquarters. His eyes opened wider as they quickly made the connection?

?Oh no?Oh no!? He jumped away from the window as the truck collided with the building, sending a massive explosive force that took out the whole fa?ade of the police headquarters within a few seconds.

The sirens wailed once more, as another terrorist attack committed against the Dividian side of the City took out most of the police force. Less than a few weeks after the attack on the school, another harsh blow was dealt against the Dividians. And the ambulances came one again, and sirens wailed across the city as patients were transferred from one hospital to another, as fire-trucks were deployed to help contain spreading flames? as news reporters began to call the City: ?The City of the Holy Curse.?

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