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Chapter 5

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The hover-tanks rumbled loudly, the lead tank flying a small Dividian Nation flag proudly in the front right of the tank module. The guns pointed in front of them, as they pulled onto the avenue where the Councilar and the Police Headquarters were located. The officer in charge of the tank could be seen standing up on the opening, holding a perfect salute as they paraded down the street. To their right were some people holding signs protesting their very presence, to the left were people holding signs welcoming them. In the first tank was the young commanding officer in charge of the platoon which was pulling in, Major Janex? this was his first command assignment, and he wanted to ensure everything would go according to his plan.

In the other tanks, his officers? eyes stared blankly in front of them, sometimes looking for Rosebourg or Terrans inside the crowds. They all had read the mission briefing from the Government, authorizing their deployment inside a Dividian town, authorizing them to employ all measures authorized by the commandments of martial law. They had never thought it would come to this, and yet here they were deploying within one of their own cities to ensure order. But this wasn?t a city like the ones on the Dividian homeworld? it was poor, it was drabby, and it was multi-cultural. In many of these officers? minds, this was the key to the problem. The column of tanks descended down on the main street, the Major looking to make sure nothing would get in the way of the parade.

The Police Headquarters building served as a dim reminder of the seriousness of their presence here. The entire fa?ade had been obliterated by the shock of the explosion, all that remained were some loose metal strips that stubbornly remained in the air, hanging on to very little at all. All of the government buildings were flying their flags backwards, a sign to commemorate the loss of government employees. Despite the peaceful nature of the procession, there was nothing peaceful happening within this city. Major Janex couldn?t help being slightly moved by the whole ceremony, as his tank finally approached the Councilar like conquerors had done so in the past.

Major Janex looked behind him, the lead tanks were in perfect alignment, all of the main laser turrets pointed forward. Next to some of the tanks were small platoons of soldiers providing further escort to the hover-tanks that were only a few meters above the ground from them. Their boots smashed against the cemented floor, they moved their guns with as little noise as possible?the sun shone against the metal parts of their gun, forcing them to reflect into some of the onlookers? eyes. The meeting between civilians and military had gone worse in the past.

?Full stop, Private,? the order came from above as Major Janex raised his arm, looking at the Council building.

The other hover-tanks saw the visual signal for the full stop, and soon the entire procession ? some dozen tank in all, and their accompanying foot escort remained stand still while awaiting further instructions from the lead tank.

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