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Home system of the Acadanans, leaders of the "anti-federalist" camp
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General Information
Home of the plant species Acadanans (or Anacadans, depending on where one originates), the Acadanan system is one of the economic powerhouses of the Luna Minoris Confederacy. Although they are members of the Luna Minoris Confederacy, the Acadanans' support for the institution is ambiguous. Many are questioning whether the benefits which are reaped by being members of the L.M.C. are equal to the damage the L.M.C. is causing on the social structures. The Acadanan System, however, hosts a series of LMC institutions including the institutions responsible for monitoring human rights within the LMC, as well as the institutions responsible for agricultural research and development, as well as cartographical and geographical research. The Acadanans, being fervent pacifists allow no military vessel to operate in their star system and they themselves have no military force to speak of.

Acadanan I
The planet from orbit looks virginous, forests spread as far as the eye can see, and in the midst of this forest world exists one of the economic powerhouses of the Luna Minoris Confederacy. The presence of all the foliage on the Acadanan homeworld could be deceiving, and yet all that foliage is actually a well preserved and vibrant eco-system that is supported by the Anacadans due to mutual necessity.

Major Cities: The Forest of the Grand South (seat of Grand Salath), the Forest of Acadania L, the Forest of the North, the Rainforest of Brest
Places of Interest: The Holy Woods, The L.M.C. Human Rights Convention, The Agricultural Research & Development Agency, The Luna Minoris Space-Exploration Programme
Military Protection: None
Government Locations: The Grand Salath (seat of national government)
Orbit: Acadanan Trade Post I

The Grand Salath
A palace of trees and flowers is the common description that is given to the "building" that houses the Grand Salath. Generations upon generations of trees have been bred in order to form the Grand Salath's main halls... the whole structure is made of entirely natural elements. The trees and the flowers are rarely touched for fear of damaging the natural balance that has made the palace structure possible.

The Holy Woods
Housing what is considered to be some of the first trees ever to exist in the midst of Anacadan Prime. The Holy Woods have become an attraction, as these trees have been dated to be some 350.000.000 years old. Scientific research to explain as to how these trees could have lived to be so old have proven ellusive, but it is believed that these trees may well hold the answer to eternal youth.

The Luna Minoris Space-Exploration Programme
In the midst of The Forest of the Grand South is the Luna Minoris Space-Exploration Programme, the only metallic structure that shoots up and above The Forest. Designed almost like a giant pin, the Luna Minoris Space-Exploration Programme's centre coordinates and organises all LMC-approved exploration programmes, as well as serves as the central repisatory for LMC stellar cartographical research.

Acadanan Trade Post I
Producing 90% of the traffic of Starport Nuribis, the Acadanan Trade Post I is a tax-free area in orbit of Acadanan I. Acadanan Trade Post is one of the central points of commerce for the region, serving as a port of call and a safe centre for repairs and re-supply. The Trade Post is run by an almost exclusive Acadanan population, although its clients come from all over the universe.

Acadanan II
An almost identitical twin to Acadanan I, the planet's orbit is almost exactly tuned to Acadanan I, although its distance from the sun means that temperatures are considerably lower - albeit fairly stable. An equally large Acadanan population is present here. The Violet Oceans, a particularly beautiful site for the eyes is said to emit amazing fragrances unique to them. There has, however, been particular controversy amongst jealous worlds who have accused the Acadanans over the recent years. They believe that the Oceans' fragances, when synthesized with other materials, is one of the sources of drugs in the Known Universe

Major Cities: The Forest of the North, The Forest of the South, The Forest of the South-West
Places of Interest: The Violet Oceans
Military Protection: None
Government Locations: The Small Salath (seat of local government)
Orbit: None

The Violet Oceans
Particularly beautiful oceans garnering their violet color from the fish that live within it. Likewise, the fish eminate wonderful fragrances that are known to have varying effects amongst the different species. Some of these fragrances, when captured and then synthesized with other materials are said to be key elements of various illicit drugs sold on the black market. The Acadanan government has designed this allegation.

Acadanan III
Much smaller than the other two siblings, Acadanan III is an experimental planet used by the Acadanans to grow various plants and trees specifically for construction on Acadanan I and Acadanan II. This planet is off limits to foreigners as the Acadanans wish to keep their genetic programmes a secret.

Major Cities: The Great Forest of Experimentation
Places of Interest: None
Military Protection: None
Government Locations: The Small Salath (seat of local government)
Orbit: None

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