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Chapter 6

by Kim L. Smouter author list
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Major Janex stared at the new reports from the troops, as he looked out of his office?s window. His office was in the heart of the military base which had been established on the outskirts of the city. What had started out as a policy of temporary containment had been forced to become the central policy of Janex?s strategy to maintain order in the city. The military major seemed to have forgotten his mission was to find the culprits which had caused his deployment necessary in the first place. Now, the military spent more time trying to keep the Rosebourg and Terrans into their containment zone ? a zone which spread right through Offsveldz, Pteradactyl and a smaller zone on the other side of town called Heugemwaldg. At any given time, there were two hover tanks patrolling inside the containment zone.

At first, the containment zone had been just electric wires, but when the wires were cut Major Janex ordered that a stone wall be built, and later a tritanium wall was built to replace the stone wall. It took only a few months for the wall to move from what was clearly a temporary installation to something that had the look of something permanent. Janex?s subordinate had turned their military force into a force of repression and control. Their entries into the containment zone were arbitrary ? not that anyone was going to say to them they couldn?t do that. Field teams attempted to strike fear into the population, a population that was already poor became further impoverished by the fact they couldn?t go to work to raise the funds which bought them food. Morale within the containment zone was low.

?Hey Damien,? Jim stated, as he watched Damien climbing up. Jim was sitting on a small dirt dune on which towered a dead tree. The dune overlooked one of the drab streets of Offsveldz.

?Hey Boss, wazza?? Damien answered, as he sat down next to his ?boss.?

?Not much,? Jim looked down at the street, seeing some kids playing inside a scrap heap, ?That?s a sorry sight.?

?You?re right ?bout that.?

?Are the others coming here??

?Naah, they said somethin? ?bout finding ciggies.?

?Yeah, ciggies are getting hard to find,? Jim grabbed a half-used cigarette butt from the ground and lighted it up, ?Damn Ymmajs.?

?Maybe we pushed them too much??

?Maybe we didn?t push them enough?? Jim sighed, ?They?re coming in like they rule the place. We have to show ?em, they?re fuckin? wrong.?

?Yeah? but how do we do that??

?Same way we got those tanks to come in here in the first place, Damien.?

Damien understood right away, ?Right.?

?Heard there?s a party in Offsveldz??

?Uh-huh, one of the Avran biker gangs is throwing it, lotsa people from the Eva gonna be there.?

?Cool, any of our guys goin???

?Yeah, most of them are thinkin? o goin?.?

??kay, then I guess I?m going to go too? where?s it at??

?Rutherford Boulevard, next to the Terran market place.?

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