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Chapter 7

by Kim L. Smouter author list
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It was the Terrans? night to show off what they could play ? and the Rosebourgs provided the dancing entertainment. They had all come to dance and sing, to flirt and to enjoy what they hadn?t enjoyed in weeks, even months. With the curfew, teenagers? ability to dance were going to be shown as they?d party, they hoped, all night. Few of the kids here had the money to buy instruments, it was a rare occasion for them to play with one another. The hands smashed against the tambourines, as the flutes played a loud, joyous music ? a music that beckoned to dancing and singing. One of the Terrans sung a tune which had been sung to her as a lullaby, while some Avrans danced around a bonfire.

It was the poor?s way of partying, as some refreshments (cheap alcohol) was being passed around to all those who had dared to come. They all knew that they were coming here and risking something. But they needed to express themselves, they needed to have an excuse to party; they needed to feel young again. They knew they were breaking the curfew, but they all felt the need? the call. So they came, a small group of them, no more than half a hundred, as they danced around the bonfires which they had started on the streets. They danced, and smashed their feet against the broken glass which had mixed with the ground and become a part of it. In the background, the voice of a young girl singing.

Jim smiled, flanked by some of his biker gangs as they drunk their cheap alcohol. They already were a bit tipsy, and were downing their alcohol at deafening speed. They already were clearly unable to keep a straight line, some of them were hanging on to each other to stay up. Jim, was holding down his alcohol fairly well. He nodded to one of the Terran girls who passed him; she was looking at him, checking him out. He knew he was definitely comparable to any of the hottest Terrans in the crowd. She winked at him, as she accepted an offer to dance from one of the Terran boys. In front of Jim?s field of view, he could see her dirt-ridden dress flowing, as they spun around the bonfire. They were dancing along with the other couples.

Jim thought about the school incident, he had tried to forget about it. These were the moments he lived for, he felt free. He watched the girl, as she continued to dance with her partner. She kept looking, looking at Jim and smiling. Perhaps it was the alcohol, probably so, he thought he could see glimmers coming from her dance. He thought his eyes were connecting with hers in a way that was unique. How Terrans had a unique look? what a unique look. Jim looked at Damien, patting his shoulder.

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