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Chapter 8

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The hovercraft flew confidently amidst the evening traffic that had accumulated along the hover-highways of the Architect homeworld. The hovercraft was far away from its heavily wooded origins, heading towards the center of the largest and most important city in the Architect homeworld. Ambassador Vinedinevianne glanced out of her window, her hand rubbing her crystal as she attempted to wash away the hard diplomacy that had been done throughout the day. She found it a draining work, having to always be careful what you said ? for it took just a misplaced word for an entire interstellar incident to be sparked. She had a daunting task, representing the Monarchy and the Monarchy?s often conflicting interests in front of the Organisation for Interstellar Peace. She?d already been assigned the post for a few years, it would seem someone back home felt she was doing a good enough job.

Vee, as she was sometimes nicknamed, held onto a small Japanese fan that matched her evening gown. She had been given the fan as a present from her girlfriend who was assigned Head of Mission to the Terran Democratic Republic. She and her girlfriend occupied some of the most heavily sought after diplomatic posts in the Rosebourg Monarchy. She was the voice of the Monarchy in the foremost institution of Peace, her girlfriend the voice of the Monarchy to her greatest ally. Their jobs were time consuming, it didn?t allow for much private time. Their posts were also quite far away from one another, for Vee or her girlfriend to see each other, they needed to take entire year vacations. Two months traveling to their destination, two months back, and then a bit of time to make the whole trip worth it.

This time, it was Vee hosting her girlfriend who had taken a vacation from the Terran homeworld. There wasn?t any foreseeable conflict in any case, and she had left behind her a very capable diplomatic service to maintain the friendship which had formed over the years between the Terran Democratic Republic and the Rosebourg Monarchy. Vee stared outside the hovercraft and looked at the city-skyline that stretched as far as the eye could see blended in with the trees. She thought about the events of today ? in particular the debates they were having over the administration of one of the Dividian outposts quite close to the Rosebourg Monarchy. She had been given clear instructions to push the issue on the table, and the Dividians (backed by the Luna Minoris Confederacy) was fighting her every single step of the way.

?You haven?t said much since we left, sweetie,? Her girlfriend stated as she sipped a cup of champagne.

?Mmm, what did you say?? Vee replied, ?I didn?t hear you??

?I said you haven?t said much since we left,? The girlfriend dropped her cup inside the cup holder and scooted over to be closer to her girlfriend.

?Oh? I know, I?m sorry.?

?Isn?t like you to be so quiet,? The girlfriend smiled, taking Vee?s hand into her own and squeezing softly to remind her she wasn?t alone.

?Just thinking about stuff.?

?What kind of stuff, sweetie??

?Business stuff.?

?OIP stuff, heh?? She nodded, ?Would my Love care to talk about it??

?I dunno if there?s much to say.?

?Well give me the rundown, brief me.?

?There?s this Dividian world close to the Rosebourg border? very close, last Intel reports says they have declared martial law and that there is wide scale violations of human rights, but we ain?t got any hard evidence.?

?How does this relate to the O.I.P.??

?The violations are being committed primarily against the Rosebourg-Terran minority on this outer world, there?s such a large minority that we even have a Consulate there.?

?Not like the Monarchy to care about our minorities?? The girlfriend allowed her comment to speak for itself.

?There?s also a strategic value to this outpost, if we have a strong minority there, we might be able to influence policies at the outer world ? the world isn?t strategic to the Dividians, but to us it is, as several of our non-Dividian trading routes pass awfully close to there.?

?Right, so what?s your role in all of this??

?Try and push the issue into the O.I.P.?

?And, I assume based on your face that it isn?t going too well.?

?The Dividians are refusing to allow a discussion on the matter, and the Luna Minoris Confederacy is firm about supporting them on the issue.?

?And the Terrans? You mentioned a Terran minority.?

?Terrans don?t want to act against a good trading partner unless they have proof? they?ll be easy enough to talk to if I had hard evidence but I don?t.?


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