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Chapter 13

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The Rosebourg Mission to the O.I.P. seemed buzzing with activity as deputy-ambassadors, and civil servants moved from corridor to corridor, office to office in order to answer various media representatives? questions. It wasn?t just the media representatives asking questions, it was also fellow governments, wondering about the validity of the evidence which had been presented in what could only have been called a unique session of the Committee on the Rights of Sentient Life. Vee was continually on video link with the Architect Ambassador and Ambassador Williamson of the Terran Democratic Republic to review their statements concerning the evidence. All three governments had agreed to back one another in order to ensure that the evidence?s legitimacy couldn?t be questioned. With the Confederacy veto, however, it didn?t matter very much what they argued.

Ambassador Vinedinevianne wasn?t entirely sure what she could do to get the Confederacy?s ambassador and the government to agree to remove their veto so that discussions could proceed. Governments, which were friendly to both the Confederacy and to the Monarchy, had made it fairly clear to her that the Confederacy was surprisingly immobile on the issue. Amazing considering the Confederacy was renowned for its inability to maintain a strong voice on anything but economic matters. Was this a sign of a change in the strength of the union that was the Confederacy? She wasn?t entirely sure what it meant in the whole geo-political context and thought she would send a brief back to Homeworld to propose that further assertions by the Confederacy may want to be seen by the Confederacy as something very significant to Rosebourg national security.

She was also observing very closely the media?s representation of the whole affair. Ever since the news media had gotten hold of the news that the executive veto had been invoked (it was indeed a fairly rare happening within the O.I.P.), the news media had gotten very interested in the whole situation. It had everything that they could hope for in a story ? racial tensions, governments disagreeing, dramatic vetoes and dramatic evidence? The word genocide hadn?t been invoked yet, but she was certain it was only a matter of time before Terran media services pointed to a second Cold War, the Rosebourg to a second Dividian-Rosebourg crisis, and so on and so forth. She passed more of her days now than ever watching the video-links that were available at the O.I.P. Headquarter facilities ? they were indeed able to watch a wide variety of news reports from all corners of the known universe. She followed a steady pattern, the Confederacy?s view first, followed by that of the Rosebourg, followed by that of the Terrans. Sometimes, she even indulged herself in watching the smaller worlds? reports.

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