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Beta Hydrae

Capital system of the Rosebourg Monarchy, home to the Navaks
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General Information
Beta Hydrae is the source of most of the political decisions taken within the Rosebourg Monarchy. As the home system of the Navaks, this is the birthplace of the Monarchy and it continues to serve that role. Although Beta Hydrae used to be the economic powerhouse of the Rosebourg Monarchy, it has been years since the system has seen any economic growth - in fact the impotence of the star system has meant that maintaining Beta Hydrae and its hundreds of thousands of monuments that serve as testament of Rosebourg (or more to the point Navak greatness) has been a great burden on the rest of the Rosebourg Monarchy. However, despite the fact that this system is an economic drain - it remains one of the most important systems politically and one of the best defended systems militarily speaking. Also of interest are the Royal Archives, the result of massive research operations affected through all the years of Rosebourg exploration - an exploration program that has thus far had no equal in the universe.

Beta Hydrae Prime
Beta Hydrae is a relatively weak star, causing Beta Hydrae Prime and its neighboring planets to be quite cold in comparison to Earth. The result is that Navaks are extremely well accustomed to cold and do not support heat very well. Beta Hydrae is a medium-sized planet, characterised by the presence of large population on all of its continents. A massive and dense network of transportation on the ground is supported by heavy traffic in the space around Beta Hydrae as well. Particularly impressive are the number of palace structures on the planet.

Major Cities: Arnou (seat of government), Arnouville, Nouveau Chinon
Places of Interest: Neveah Palace (home of His Majesty the King), The Royal Councilum, The Royal Archives, Royal Defense Agency HQs at The Underground (Military Headquarters for the Combined Services),
Military Protection: Several squadrons of the Royal Fleet permanently assigned, Beta Hydrae Defense Net
Government Locations: The Royal Council (seat of federal government), The Beta Hydrae Parliament (seat of provincial government)
Orbit: Takran Fightercraft Construction Posts, Royal Defense Agency Research and Development

Neveah Palace
The most powerful Royal Family in the Known Universe has the Neveah Palace to call its home. The Neveah Palace is a massive complex, almost a city unto itself, all made of crystal. This has earned the Neveah Palace the nickname "the Crystal Palace."

The Royal Councilum
Standing opposite the Neveah Palace, the Royal Council is a triangular building with massive pink-colored facades. Housing all the facilities needed to support the 500 Counselors and their support staff, the Royal Council is an impressive building, characterised by the carved official symbol of each of three provinces on the facade.

The Royal Archives
Located in a city whose skyline has not been permitted to expand beyond three stories, the Royal Archives is the only high-rise, for dramatic effect. The Royal Archives houses one of the largest collections of paper-texts, and computerised data on all of the major academic fields. Of particular interest is the most comprehensive archive on the territories of the former Natashan Nation, the best in the known universe.

Beta Hydrae II
Equally well populated, Beta Hydrae II is a major economic centre for the star system. Beta Hydrae II, having more free land space as Beta Hydrae I has been a prime choice for Navaks wishing to remain in the Beta Hydrae star system but lacking the means by which to stay in the desirable areas of Beta Hydrae I. A sort of suburbisation of the whole planet has resulted, what was principally a vacation resort has thus become a planet of diverse and numerous appeal.

Major Cities: Ather
Places of Interest: The War Memorial, The Memorial to the Fallen Soldier, the Memorial of the Royal Guard
Military Protection: Several squadrons of the Royal Fleet permanently assigned, Beta Hydrae Defense Net
Government Locations: The Ministry for Veterans
Orbit: Beta Hydrae Internal Star System Flight Tower

City of Mourning
Housing the War Memorial, the Memorial to the Fallen Soldier, and the Memorial of the Royal Guard, the city of mourning is said to be a sobering city which has been specially constructed to give thanks to those soldiers of the various divisions who have given their lives to the Monarchy.

Beta Hydrae III
Many of the members of the Royal Family have left Beta Hydrae I in favour of Beta Hydrae III once Beta Hydrae II became too suburbised. With a much smaller population penetration as the other planets, Beta Hydrae III's grand forests remain a sight to behold. Since Beta Hydrae III is the farthest planet, few would know that two planets away stands the centre of the great Rosebourg Monarchy.

Major Cities: Oodsi
Places of Interest: Livi - The City of Palaces
Military Protection: Several squadrons of the Royal Fleet permanently assigned, Beta Hydrae Defense Net
Government Locations: None
Orbit: None

Livi - The City of Palaces
Nicknamed the City of Palaces, Livi counts the most prince and princesses per capita of any city in the Rosebourg Monarchy. There are more palaces here than on any other city of the Rosebourg Monarchy, it is said there are 6539 palaces and castles that have been constructed over the centuries. Livi has turned this into a sort of tourist attraction. Royalists from afar come to visit this city and its shopping centres in order to have a rare sight of members of the royal family. Particularly interesting is the yearly Festival of the Crown in commemoration of the Royal Family.

Beta Hydrae IV
The small planet houses many of the foreign governments wanting to have a word with the Rosebourg Monarchy. The small planet has proven to be an ideal location for many of the embassies and consulates, and is often the first destination foreigners go to prior to proceeding along to Beta Hydrae I.

Major Cities: Giglo, Ashad
Places of Interest: Embassy Lane in Giglo
Military Protection: Several squadrons of the Royal Fleet permanently assigned, Beta Hydrae Defense Net
Government Locations: The Ministry for Foreign Affairs - Sub-Ministry of Diplomatic Liaison
Orbit: None

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