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Chapter 2

by Ignominy, Avrielle, Kevin Bradly, Montgomery Walker author list
in New Worlds: Creative Works > Myren Xyquine Raiders
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Settling In

2200 hours aboard The Sands DementorAvrielle's head was spinning. This was happening so very fast, although, she was the one who said she'd come along. The fact that she really was hanging out with a bunch of pirates was just beginning to hit her with the full force of what it meant.

She was unpacking the few things she had, along with her new clothes in a chest of drawers and closet Grivyk devoted entirely to her stuff. He was nice enough to have done some research before bringing her on board and had even ordered a deluxe Dividian bed with the freshest, softest minerals and the prettiest, softest, talc that absolutely sparkled. Part of her couldn't wait to use it until he expressed his hope that she would try a human bed out sometime soon, as, with two beds in the room, she knew he really wanted both of them to share the same one. She could see his reluctance to try hers. She promised tonight she'd try his with him but made him vow before the week is through he'd spend a night in hers. Fair is fair.

Grivyk was sitting at his desk, going over something on his data pad that he promised would not take him long. She knew he was hoping that she'd show him some more of what she'd learned about mating from her Visier's sacred texts... though it made her a little nervous, she had also fancied the idea, until dinnertime, when the talk of the other's had hit her ears.

"Got them drunk and they played so poorly, it was like taking candy from a baby." said one man proudly at dinner, of a scheme he'd just helped pull off. Another man had laughed about shooting someone in the legs for being stupid, and the mention by Grivyk of the corvettes being, "more deadly than twelve fighters". Why must they be deadly?

Mood already ruined for her anyway, she decided to spread the feeling by asking Grivyk the question that had been bothering her since dinner. It chilled her to think about it. "Grivyk, have you ever killed anyone?"


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