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Chapter 3

by Ignominy, Avrielle, Kevin Bradly, Montgomery Walker author list
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503.9.20 10:00 Hours aboard The Sands Dementor"So, I hear you had an event filled night." Jorr stated to Grivyk as they enjoyed brunch.

Grivyks face went slightly red, "I guess you could say that I've been officially inducted into manhood." At the completion of this acknowledgement, his face turned a shade darker. Avrielle entered the room, whispered something in his ear and playfully kissed him, then sat down. Grivyk was now a bright crimson.

Jorr and Avrielle laughed at him. "Now, now, you wouldn't be embarrassed about that fact, would you?" Jorr chided.

Grivyk cleared his throat, "So what if I am a little embarrassed? This is a natural thing for adults who are in love to do. I guess the fact that I've never been with a woman, is what causes my insecurity. I guess the fact that Avrielle is still talking to me today, means that I did something correct in course of our events."

Grivyk again cleared his throat, "Enough of that. What's on the to do list today?"

"Well, we haven't physically tested out newly installed equipment, but we can only do that when not in Vortex. Other than that, it's basically a recreational day of sorts for the crew. It's just skeleton crews, however. This would be a good time to get in some more self-defense training, Griv. Why don't we start around 1400 hours?"

Grivyk caught a dark look out of Avrielle's eyes. "That's fine. You must remember, my dear, that self-defense is purely for self-defense. I will not learn how kill someone, although I will learn how to take them out of the fight - that's why it's called self-defense." He turned to Avrielle as he said this. Finally, he was able to read something in her face, but it was something that said 'I strongly disapprove'. At least I'm beginning to read some of her facial expressions. It's an improvement, but only a minor one. "Look, why don't you come observe and if you wish, we can teach you some basics. I do not know of any other way to prove to you that what I'm learning is merely to protect myself and those immediately around me. Another option would be to visit the bridge. Hannibal is command at the moment, so you'll be safe from harassment."

Just at that moment, Hannibal entered the room. "Engineering is reporting some minor anomalies with the Vortex drive and they want to drop out so they can accurately diagnose and fix the problem."

"Very well, short-burst Vortex-signal the other ships to let them know and make it happen. I'll join you on the bridge, because this is something I need to know for future reference. Avrielle, you are free to do as you wish - welcome on the bridge or exercise or whatever your fancy is. Don't feel rushed to finish your meal; you know how to get to where I am."

Grivyk, Jorr and Hannibal all stood and exited the room. "What sort of 'anomalies' are they talking about?" Jorr inquired.

Hannibal smirked, "They don't know, that's why they're calling them anomalies. What they think they are is a shortage in the cooling coils or a hole somewhere in the exhaust pipes, if you will. Hey, that's how they explained it to me." He said this as he noticed the confused looks in their faces. They entered the bridge and Hannibal shouted out, "I have the bridge."

"Communications, short-burst Vortex-signal the other ships, we're dropping out of Vortex in fifteen minutes and to drop out with weapons hot."

"Weapons, I want all laser turrets manned and hot five minutes before we exit Vortex. I want the computers ready to engage missiles and torpedoes to be ready as well."

"Captain, Engineering: We'll be exiting Vortex in twelve minutes."

"Captain, Weapons: All weapons will be ready in four minuets."

"Captain, Communications: All ships have acknowledged the command."

"Captain, Engineering: Exiting Vortex in seven minutes."

Grivyk took this all in. These people are a team, solid as a rock. He had a thought. "Navigation, what area will we be entering?"

"Sir, this area is a very long ways from any military battlefronts. The only threats would be other pirates. This area is considered safe, with minor threat."

Grivyk looked to Hannibal for clarification. "Basically, this area is under the TDR and there is a minor threat of pirate engagement."

"Oh", was all Grivyk could say.

"Everyone secure yourselves, exiting Vortex in one minute." The general alarm sounded.

The group exited Vortex and the entire bridge crew was stunned by what they saw.


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