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Chapter 4

by Ignominy, Avrielle, Kevin Bradly, Montgomery Walker author list
in New Worlds: Creative Works > Myren Xyquine Raiders
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Ghost Shipyard Cirillious III

While walking the corridors Avrielle noted that the swirl of motion outside the windows that was traveling in Vortex had stopped suddenly, and the ship bucked at its halt. What she saw when she looked out into space was probably the most horrific thing she'd ever witnessed in her life. They had stopped right in the center of a ship graveyard. Tears welled into her eyes, wide with shock, as she imagined how many people had died in this place. Scenarios played themselves out in her mind, none very good, all of them ending in this horrible space death, cold, afraid, alone.

A maintenance worker passed behind her and stopped to stare out the viewport a moment as well. "Damn," was his only comment.

For a brief moment, they were on the same side; no stupid perverted remarks, any cat-calls, or snide questions, just two people, standing side-by-side, mourning life and respecting death together, just for a moment. The man returned to his work and left Avrielle standing there alone once more.

I must find out who was on those ships. Where were they going? Is anyone looking for them? Their memories must be honored, she thought to herself. No one is born to die. Every life is precious... what an awful illustration to our discussion from last night, she thought, ironically.

It was hypnotic, in a morbid sort of way, watching the shells of once powerful machines, floating, weightless, in the vastness of space. But, something more important now compelled her and she made her way quickly to the bridge. I have to find out who belongs to these ships so they can be properly honored and put to rest.


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