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Chapter 7

by Ignominy, Avrielle, Kevin Bradly, Montgomery Walker author list
in New Worlds: Creative Works > Myren Xyquine Raiders
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They arrived just a few moments before their guest. As he entered the docking bay, Grivyk put on his business smile and went out to meet Captain Uutnok. "Welcome aboard The Sands Dementor. This is my flagship and I am the leader of this battle group. My name is Dravyn and I'm honored to share my ships hospitality with you. This is Avrielle, daughter of the Dividians. You could say that she it our Religious advisor of sorts." Grivyk used the pseudonym because he didn't need everyone knowing that he was the leader of this pirate group. He had to stoop to shake Uutnok's hand as did Avrielle.

"It is an honor to meet you. I hope we will get a chance to become better acquainted. I would love to exchange cultural information with you sometime." said Avrielle.

The fuzz ball said nothing to this proposal, only grunted and said, ?Hello.?

"Perhaps I am a little ignorant here but what name does your race go by and where are you from?" she asked innocently.

"It is a pleasure to meet you lady Avrielle and Dravyn." Hmm, this Dividian must not know who she is speaking to, Uutnok thought. "My race is old and went by a name long ago. I come from a place very far away. I know these answers are vague but I do this to protect myself and my people," he said. "I am currently on an exploration mission. I'm in no position politically, a Freelancer so to say."

Uutnok looked around the ship at the various devices and objects, "So, may I have a tour of your ship? Maybe I will soon know you enough to travel with you and tell you of my race, and you to tell me your real name Dravyn." As Uutnok finished his sentence a puzzled look crossed Grivyk's face, before he could say anything, Uutnok explained "See many in my race are born empathic, I could tell that you were lying but it does not bother me. Well let?s get started with the tour, I'm anxious to learn more about your people."

The curious response of the alien to Avrielle's question of origin made all three shipmates stare at each other for a moment in perplexity. What is this? Avrielle wondered to herself. Curious little creature. There's more to him than he appears. Caution seems to be in order for now, although, he seems friendly enough, but so secretive. What is up with him? The enigma of an answer made Avrielle even more curious to learn about this creature and his species. Is it even a he? Do they have such arbitrary gender specifications as male and female? I wish I could be sure.

"It must be quite advantageous in your travels and business to have empathic abilities. I can think of so many ways it would be helpful to be able to read people's feelings. Can you read everyone or are some people stronger than others to you? Were you born empathic or did it come to you later in life? What must it be like in your society for those who have no empathic abilities when compares with those who do? Is there a difference in how each is treated?"

Grivyk gave her a pleading glance as if to beg her to shut up but she couldn't help it. She was so curious. She wasn't the least bit interested in all this showing off and masquerading the men were doing. She simply wanted to learn about someone new and exciting to her. However, she did realize bombarding anyone with a million questions is no fair way to begin a dialogue. She apologized, "Sorry, I just enjoy meeting new people so much. I guess I'm a little anxious to find out all I can about..." she paused to think, "well, about everything!" She smiled with that admission and then bit her lip to prevent herself asking another question at least until the others got answers first.

Grivyk simply smiled and shook his head. "What am I gonna do with you?" he muttered in an undertone meant only for her. But, she knew he wasn't really as annoyed as he acted. His thumb was moving in circles as he guided her with a hand on the small of her back. The touch was reassuring. She knew he really did love her curious side, even if it did get her into trouble sometimes.


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