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Chapter 12

by Ignominy, Avrielle, Kevin Bradly, Montgomery Walker author list
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503.9.27: Aftermath

"What the hell does Eten missah mean?"


"Eten missah, the Dividian, the one that has been unconscious for the past three days is coming to. She keeps mumbling something about, Eten missah."

"I don't know. She's had a bad hit on the head though. It could be nonsense."

"It could be something important, though. Maybe she's speaking a Dividian language."

"Even if we knew someone who could understand some Dividian, hey might know the wrong language. You know, I read somewhere that they have a different language for every province on their home world. That's, like, over 100 different languages right there, and then each career field has its own separate language too. For all we know, she could speak three or four different Dividian tongues and we wouldn't have one damn translation of one word of even one of them. Forget understanding for now. Let's just notify Ton and get her more comfortable. We don't need to speak her language for that, and when she has begun to heal better, she'll start remembering her other languages, like ours, for example."

Ton was the Chief Medical Specialist aboard The Sands Dementor. He wanted notification of any change in her condition no matter how minor and had just gone out for a coffee break. Amille and Jesse were the two medical aides assigned to healing crew members who still remained in the medical center from three days ago.

Most had only minor injuries and were released within 24 hours of the storm. Only Richard Lowell, Stefan De Louis, and Avrielle remained. Richard had broken all four limbs and was still immobile. Stefan was going home that day. He had also had a bad concussion, but he had been conscious and making sense for nearly two days now so his observation would be over after lunchtime. Avrielle was in the worst shape of everyone they'd seen so far. But, then again, she had been on the elevator ride of a lifetime.

Jesse leaned over, to check Avrielle's bandages, as Amille explained what had happened to her, hoping she could understand English even if she was unable to speak it properly. She seemed to be fully lucid and understood what was being explained to her but unable to answer back the way she wanted to.

"She's lucky her head didn't simply crack open like an egg," mumbled Jesse, staring at a large dark spot, clearly visible under Avrielle's light hair. "The swelling has gone down. It's just really badly bruised now," he said, of her head.

"Alletaan barooneh, relicat alayn?" asked Avrielle, the expression on her face showed her bewilderment that what was coming out of her mouth had no resemblance at all to what she had intended to say. She was speaking Dividian religious tongue. She knew that but she couldn't figure out why, when she was thinking in plain English.

Amille smiled through his discomfort. He really wished he understood what she was asking him. He wanted to make her happy. "I'm sorry, Ms. Avrielle. I don't understand what you're saying. Can you speak English, perhaps?"

Avrielle smiled and nodded. "Alletaan..." a look of dismay came over Avrielle's face and she covered her mouth with her right hand. "Icca, allet...? she stopped, realizing no matter what she tried to say, it would come out wrong.

Amille understood her confusion and reassured her that her speech, all of it would probably return soon and not to worry. "You can understand me, right?" he asked her.

She nodded.

He smiled, not looking worried at all. "Then, you'll be speaking back to me and all of us in the same language we are speaking to you, soon. I promise, Ms. Avrielle."

He patted her bruised hand. "Don't worry. It's still there; your mind just has to find where it misplaced it. Imagine shaking up a file-cabinet and knocking it into a wall across the room. Files would be all over the place, wouldn't they? But, just because they are disorganized and need to be re-shuffled doesn't mean they've disappeared. All the information is still in them, just in a different place. It will take time to work it all out, but your brain has kind of been treated like the hypothetical file-cabinet. It'll do some re-shuffling, and before you know it, you'll be back to normal again. You'll see. Don't get yourself all stressed out over it. It helps to heal faster if you try to stay calm."

It was difficult for her to accept lying still; there was no way she could sit or lie that felt comfortable. She hurt all over and wanted to at least be able to squirm a bit, but the aides wanted her to stay immobile. Her spine had been badly jarred, her left clavicle was broken, and several ribs, and her left leg, and... They didn't tell her the last part. They all agreed it would be better for her lover to break that news to her even if neither one of them knew it had been there to begin with. Nonetheless, it was something personal between to two of them and only he should tell her that it had died before it even got a chance to grow larger than a grain of sand.

Grivyk had told them all to keep silent about it until he had a chance to tell her. He himself had a hard time when Ton told him the news. Grivyk wanted to be alone with her when it was time for her to find out about what else had happened in the days after her accident. He was braced for the worst from her. He had a feeling, after her reaction to the deaths of perfect strangers; Avrielle would have quite a strong reaction to her own miscarriage.

Ton came to examine Avrielle and had called Grivyk to tell him she'd finally awoken but was still suffering from some side-effects of her concussion which were affecting her thought-to-speech processing. Grivyk was on his way.


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