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Chapter 15

by Ignominy, Avrielle, Kevin Bradly, Montgomery Walker author list
in New Worlds: Creative Works > Myren Xyquine Raiders
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Grivyk was in the gym punishing a gel-like human figure.

Grivyk didn't know how to respond to Avrielle's note. It seemed as though when ever they were in the same room, there was a steely, cold silence between the two of them. It almost appeared as though he say the wrong thing and the two of them would blow up in argument. He did care for Avrielle, but just because they were together didn't mean that he was going to become a goody-too-shoo. This was the feeling that he was getting from Avrielle. He felt that because she was religious she was trying to morph Grivyk into a different person. He snorted to himself. There was no way that Avrielle was going to change Grivyk, no chance at all. She could talk all she wanted about dreams and "little ones" wanting them for parents, but he was not going to change so they could have a child. This was the case because Grivyk didn't feel ready for being a father.

Grivyk's own father had been existent in his life, but barely so. This made Grivyk severely stubborn about certain subjects and parenthood was one of those subjects. Perhaps it was a good thing that Avrielle had a miscarriage. If I have a child, I want to be the father that I never had. That would require settling down, becoming a good, active UN citizen and that's not something I'm prepared to do at the moment. Of course, expressing these feelings to Avrielle would be nothing short of suicidal. Their relationship would be damaged beyond all repair. How much do I really want to repair? It's obvious that she doesn't care for my current line of work. She doesn't like the attititudes' of myself or my crew about life, or lack there of rather.

A sour expression crossed his face. Grivyk truly did care about his life, her life, the lives of Jorr and Hannibal and the lives all of 650+ MXR members. It was difficult finding decent, knowledgeable crew members; not to mention the amount of time it took to train many of them. The more Grivyk argued all points of his relationship with Avrielle, the closer he came to the conclusion that once they docked back at Nuribis, it was time they went their separate ways. He disfigured the dummy with extreme malice and enjoyed the feeling. He paused and allowed the dummy to re-figure its self and went at it for the last time that afternoon.

He caught the towel that was thrown to him by one his crew members, thanked him and headed to his quarters, walking slowly, regurgitating everything he had already thought about.


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