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Galactic Timeline

History of the Known Galaxy
by New Worlds Staff author list
in The 26th Century > Day-to-Day Living
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Colour key:
(The Former Territories of the) Natashan Nation Events
Terran Democratic Republic Events
Gohorn Directorate Events
Rosebourg Monarchy Events
Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds Events
Organisation for Interstellar Peace Events
Dual Events
Other Events

article index
page 1 - current : Colour Key
page 2 : The 5000s BCE
page 3 : The 4000s BCE
page 4 : The 3000s BCE
page 5 : The 2000s BCE
page 6 : The 1000s BCE
page 7 : Year 0 (CE by TDR Calender) to the 1600s
page 8 : The 1700s
page 9 : The 1800s
page 10 : The 1900s
page 11 : The 2000s
page 12 : The 2100s
page 13 : The 2200s
page 14 : The 2300s
page 15 : The 2400s
page 16 : The 2500s
page 17 : Day-By-Day Chronology of the Start of the Second Terran/Gohorn War

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