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Briefings on the games officially partnered to New Worlds.
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Star Army of Yamatai
Star Army is set in a small galaxy some time in the future, where two empires are growing further apart. Earth's a legend, but humanity has survived in Nepleslia; Yamatai favors androids and considers humans obsolete. Peace is a rarity, carefully maintained in little havens while brutal politics threaten to split nations and desperate military forces fight war after war against alien invaders. Piracy is becoming increasingly common. Technology seems to have reached a bloody plateau.

From the lowest ranks of poor cyberpunks and mass-produced androids, a small group of unlikely heroes emerge, rising in skill, rank, and accomplishments. They gather their weapons, cautiously watching sensors for the next battle, gathered on the decks of starships, hoping to change the world, or at least make a few good friends along the way.

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page 5 : The Gungan Council
page 6 : Imperia
page 7 : Island of Elements
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