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Command system for the U.N.P.P.F.
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in The 26th Century > Star Systems > Terran Democratic Republic
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General Information
The UNPPF Headquarters may be on Earth, but it is on Hera II that everything happens. The whole system is under the jurisdiction of the military and has very little civilian intervention. Closed off to everyone but those with Alpha-2 clearance (military or specially granted civilians) the Hera system is a veritable fortress, even more heavily defended than Earth. It has no representation in the TDR Intergalactic Assembly, it does not need it as there is no civilian population to represent. The Hera system is run by the military, and it is in the Hera system that the primary Terran Shipyards, the main shipyards for the whole of the Republic, and main UNPPF Academy are found. There is a constant stream of vessels in and out of the Hera system with raw materials for ship construction and general military traffic. The shipyards and bases are massive, interconnecting complexes that have grid locked themselves around Hera II and the surrounding space. Further shipyards are located around Hera IV, a gas giant.

Hera I
The planet of Hera I no longer exists. At one time it is believed that a large, desert world existed in the position of Hera I, however two millennia before humans arrived in the system, Hera I suffered a catastrophic impact with a rouge asteroid, causing an instability in the planet's core that caused it to shake itself apart over a period of years. As such, what was once Hera I is now an asteroid belt that reaches all the way around the Sun. Several of the asteroids are large enough that they hold bases, however the asteroid field is difficult to navigate.

Hera II
Hera II is the main planet of the system. The majority of UNPPF operations are located on the planet and in orbit. Space is normally filled with ships, whether those ships are under construction or laying over for repairs. The night sky of Hera II is lit up by the shipyards in orbit. Divided in to three continents, the main continental land mass is given over to testing and development of new ground technologies. The main city on this continent, "The Yard," is not really a city at all, but a collection of laborities and testing centers.

Major Cities: "The Yard," Newton City
Places of Interest: Hera Shipyards, "The Yard"
Government: UNPPF Administration
Military Protection: United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force
Government Locations: Station 1144-Beta (seat of government)
Orbit: Hera Shipyards, Hera Military Bases

Hera Shipyards
A confusing, massive, interlocking series of bases and shipyards, Hera Shipyards have engulfed the planet of Hera II. It was at the Hera shipyards that the UNSS Avenger, and its many smaller counterparts were constructed. The stations are desginated by a four number digit and a letter of the Greek alphabet (eg, Station 1144-Beta). The Shipyards is split in to two sections, one for starship construction and one for starship layover.

Hera III
Hera III is a world used for academy training. It falls under the jurisdiction of the UNPPF and is such controlled by it. Very little further activity takes place around Hera III.

Major Cities: Primary (seat of government)
Places of Interest:Government: UNPPF Administration
Military Protection: United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force
Government Locations: Primary City (seat of government)
Orbit: UNPPF Academy Installations

UNPPF Military Academy
The UNPPF Military Training Academy falls under the same jurisdiction as the Hera Shipyards. This Academy is one of seven spread throughout the TDR. It is also the largest, and every Cadet will spend at least a year on Hera III. The planet has not been totally built up for a reason. It is comparable to Earth, with many diverse climates and ecosystems, and that is how the military trainers want it. The whole planet is a part of the Academy. The class rooms and the training centers may be centralised in to one large city on the North Eastern continent, however the whole planet is used for training exercises. The jungles, the forests, the deserts, are all used to teach Cadets how to fight on all kinds of terrain. There are special space routes to and from Hera III, as there are often training exercises going on in orbit. Hera III's four moons are used for a variety of purposes, from zero-gravity combat training to assault and capture of an enemy, planetary installation. The Academy also has two Cruiser class ships, the San Diego and the Coventry. Both ships are training vessels used in the familiarisation process for cadets.

Hera IV
Hera IV is a gas giant with 67 moons of varying value. Several of the moons have colonies, others are used by the UNPPF to mine raw materials for their ships. One moon in particular, Iolcus, is mined for a raw material vital to Vortex Drive construction.

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