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Religious centre of the Gohorn Directorate
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in The 26th Century > Star Systems > Gohorn Directorate
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General Information
Religious center of the Gohorn Directorate, Izmarx is off limits to everyone except those specially ordained in to the Church of Johas (the only people in the Gohorn society required to do more than follow the Seven Principles.) As a result, the Izmarx system is totally rural and completely lacking in cities. The environment of the two, twin habitable planets of the system, where it is said that Johas forged the universe, has been allowed to flourish and is encouraged to do so by those of the Church. No Gohorn military vessels have ever entered the Izmarx system, however a strong defence is maintained around the star system.

Izmarx I
Izmarx I is so close to the Sun that it is nothing but a rocky wasteland. The planet, which realistically is too close to the Sun to remain in a stable orbit, continues its defiant course around the star. In five thousand years it will hit the Star and cause problems for the whole system, however it is the defiance of the planet in the face of superior odds that has meant that the story of Johas tells how he placed Izmarx I in place to teach the Gohorns the value of defiance towards enemies.

Izmarx II
Often known simly as Izmarx, Johas is said to have created Izmarx first. It is, theoretically, a timeless planet orbiting a timeless star, which despite what science says, will never disappear. Izmarx is told to be the point where life sprung, and interestingly, Gohorn science temas have discovered the oldest known life on the planet of Izmarx, further compounding Gohorn beliefs.

Major Cities: The Monastry of Faith (seat of government)
Places of Interest: The Monastry of Faith
Military Protection: None
Government Locations: The Monastry of Faith (seat of government)
Orbit: Nothing

Monastry of Faith
The Monastry of Faith is not a city, it is in fact a large building spanning a wide area. The only sign of industralisation in the entire Izmarx system, the Monastry of Faith looks like it could have come straight from the center of any Gohorn city, it is a tall building with arches and spires a-plenty, from where the preists study the texts of Johas and ensure the well-being of the Izmarx system.

Izmarx III
Izmarx III is the sister planet to Izmarx II, the two actually move in orbit of each other, whilst orbiting the Izmarx star. The preists of the Izmarx system spend their time attempting to maintain conditions on both planets as they always have been, to cater for a possible return of Johas.

Izmarx IV
Medium sized gas giant with 9 moons.

Izmarx V
Small sized gas giant with 2 moons.

Izmarx VI
Large sized gas giant with 39 moons. The area of space around Izmarx VI is incredibly turbulent, the planet's gravitational pull seizes rocks from a nearby asteroid belt, pulling them in and causing a navigational hazard. The asteroid belt will disappear in 100 thousand years, but in the meantime, if the Izmarx system is entered, it needs to be on a vector to avoid Izmarx VI.

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