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Angelus Patrol Boat

Rosebourg standard patrol boat
in The 26th Century > Space Vehicles & Facility > Starships > Royal Space Navy - Rosebourg Ships
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Author Information
Basic Technical Specification Files
Class of Ship: Angelus
Type of Ship: Patrol Boat
Primary Mission Task: Defence & Patrol
# of Vessels Built to Date: 27
Short Description of Vessel: The Angelus patrol boat is a light defensive ship that is rarely used in forward combat maneuvers. The Angelus patrol boat was designed for domestic needs and is used in this fashion by the Fleet to watch its rear. The Angelus class ships are often used to support the activities of local planetary authorities fighting crime.
Length of Ship: 154.778 metres
Width of Ship: 77.389 metres
Height of Ship: 38.695 metres
# of Decks: 8 decks
Advanced Technical Specification Files
No advanced technical specification file available.

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