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Catalena Destroyer

The dependable work horse of the Terran fleet
in The 26th Century > Space Vehicles & Facility > Starships > U.N.P.P.F Terran Ships
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Author Information
Basic Technical Specification Files
Class of Ship: Catalena
Type of Ship: Destroyer
# of Vessels Built to Date: 500
Short Description of Vessel: Every fleet of starships has the class of vessel who fulfills the majority of the fleet's day-to-day business. For the Terran Democratic Republic, this ship is the Catalena class. A simply designed ship with medium speed, firepower and defensive systems, the ship is the 'work horse' of the Terran fleet, replacing the outdated Excalibur class of ship. The Catalena class ship is designed primarily for the defence of the Republic - it is destroyers who patrol the borders of the Republic and keep the peace in far flung regions of space. The perfect balance between speed and firepower, the Catalena destoryer provides a class of ship capable of carrying out most routine missions.
Length of Ship: 235 meters
Width of Ship: 85 meters
Height of Ship: 75 meters
# of Decks: 15 decks
Advanced Technical Specification Files

Name: United Nations Destroyer Catalena
United Nations Registry: UNSS-4375-CD-383
Commissioning Date: Hyperdate: 452.02.12 (2nd of December, 2452)
Class: Catalena Class
Type: Destroyer
Classification: Escort & Patrol Ship

article index
page 1 - current : Vitals
page 2 : Brief History on the Creation of the Class
page 3 : Dimensions
page 4 : Crew Capacity
page 5 : Vortex Drive System
page 6 : Defensive System
page 7 : Weapons Systems
page 8 : Special System
page 9 : Support Craft
page 10 : Deck-by-Deck Analysis
page 11 : Module Layouts

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