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Bismarck Light Battleship

A formidable weapons platform that does not sacrifice speed
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Author Information
Basic Technical Specification Files
Type of Ship: Light Battleship
Primary Mission Task: Forward Assault Vessel
# of Vessels Built to Date: 600
Short Description of Vessel: The Bismarck Light Battleship is one of the first battleship designs the Republic has created which experiments in creating much larger battleships like those of the Gohorn Directorate. Packed with weapons, but not sacrificing speed in the process like Gohorn ships, the Bismarck is quite a formidable opponent.
Length of Ship: 835 meters
Width of Ship: 222 meters
Height of Ship: 225
# of Decks: 45
Advanced Technical Specification Files

Name: United Nations Light Battleship Bismarck
United Nations Registry: UNSS-5243-BLB-135
Commissioning Date: Hyperdate: 465.3.15 (15th of March, 2465)
Class: Bismarck Class
Type: Light Battleship
Classification: Forward Assault Vessel

article index
page 1 - current : Vitals
page 2 : Brief History on the Creation of the Class
page 3 : Dimensions
page 4 : Crew Capacity
page 5 : Vortex Drive System
page 6 : Defensive System
page 7 : Weapons System
page 8 : Special System
page 9 : Support Craft
page 10 : Deck-by-Deck Analysis
page 11 : Module Layouts

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