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Badger Missile Fighter

Whilst slower than the Patton, the Badger packs a more serious punch
by AOM Alex author list
in The 26th Century > Space Vehicles & Facility > Fightercrafts > Terran Democratic Republic
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Name: Badger Class Missile Fighter
United Nations Registry: UNSS-Badger-3891280
Fighters Constructed To Date: 150,000
Last Refit & Modifications to Specs: Hyperdate: 500.05.29
Current Mission Assignment of Class: Fighter

Brief History on the Creation of the Class
The Badger class missile fighter is a variation of the Patton fighter. Rather than the single missile launcher attached to the underside of the Patton, the Badger class has three launchers, on the underside as well as attached to either side of the cockpit. This reduces the fighter's speed and agility, however vastly increases its firepower.

Length: 12.9 meters
Beam: 16 meters
Height: 1 deck (6.0 meters)

Crew Capacity
Maximum Crew Capacity: 001 pilot,
Regular Crew Capacity: 001 pilot

Ion Drive System
Ion Drive Manufacturer: General Electric Corporation, Earth
Ion Engine Model: MAXVELOC-500
Normal Cruising Speed: 26,000 kilometers per second
Maximum Cruising Speed: 29,864 kilometers per second
Emergency Speed: 30,490 kilometers per second
Maximum Speed: 30,900 kilometers per second
Destructive Speed: 31,150 kilometers per second

Defensive System
Counter Measures:
Countermeasure Manufacturer: Olympus Defence Systems, Mars
Countermeasure Type: Moth-1123
Countermeasure Range: 25,000 kilometers
Countermeasure #: 2 (maximum 2)

Anti-Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
AMT Interceptors Manufacturer: Olympus Defence Systems, Mars
AMT Interceptors Type: Firefly-2121
Interceptors Range: 21,500 Kilometers
Interceptor #: 2 (maximum 2)

Laser System
Model: Trident
Output: 200 megawatts
Number of Laser Turrets: 2 (2 fore)

Missile System
Model: Excalibur
Number of Bays: 1
Number Per Bay: 8
Maximum Ship Capacity: 8

Deck Analysis
01 Decks
Deck 01: Flight Control Cockpit, Power Generator, Ion Engines

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