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A Word of Advice for Readers Curious about Peacekeepers
by Kim L. Smouter author list
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Peacekeepers comes from a growing line of novels being written for the New Worlds Project. Peacekeepers, however, differs from its predecessors because of the subject matter and the way it deals with it.

Peacekeepers, as the name suggests, is about future peacekeepers who are deployed on a planet called Jul II to stop horrific acts of violence being perpetrated by the planet's population groups.

Peacekeepers makes no attempts to sugar coat the horror, it was decided early in the novel's creation that Peacekeepers would attempt to describe some of the events that took place to varying degrees of details.

Accordingly, Peacekeepers cannot be said to be a children's book. Because of the violence (foul language, etc), this novel should be read only by readers who have sufficient maturity to understand it. Children below the age of 16 should ask their parents permission before reading this story. Concerned parents are asked to e-mail the author so that the author may explain clearly the extent by which the novel features violent themes

Thank you for your understanding,

The New Worlds Administration

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