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Capital system of the Terran Democratic Republic
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General Information
The Sol System is the capital star system of the Terran Democratic Republic. Heavily populated by humans, colonising the star system was a dream that the human race achieved in the 22nd century. There are facilities all over the system, including space stations in orbit of Venus and colonies on Jupiter's moons.

Mercury is a useless world to the internstellar community. Too close to the Sun, it is not possible to put any installations on the side of the Mercury which faces the Sun. And the darkside is of little value.

Solar Observatory
In proximity of Mercury is the Solar Observatory, a scientific outfit tasked with fully understanding the Sun. One of hundreds of similar stations studying similar suns, the Solar Observatory works on finding ways to increase the lives of stars and understanding them on every level.

Since man first reached out in to the stars and colonised Mars, Venus has been on the thoughts of the human race. "Can we do something with Venus?" is a question that has been asked and debated many times. The simple answer has been no, save putting space stations in orbit. Venus's atmosphere makes it too expensive to place structures on the surface and very impractical. Thus, all plans for Venus colonisation have been scrapped early in the process.

Venusian Habitats
The Venusian Habitats were constructed in the early 22nd century to provide orbital habitation that was fairly close to Earth and yet allowed for more population to live in the Sol System. The Venusian Habitats have become their own country, in a fashion, certain factions from the Habitats actually prefer to be called "Venusian" than Terran. A small administrative council oversees the operation of the habitats, and they are favoured locations for corporations to set up offices, away from Earth taxes but still in the Sol system.

Sol System Civilian Police Authority
The headquarters for the Sol System Civilian Police Authority is a small space station connected to the main Venusian Habitats. Like all star systems, Sol is equipped with its own civilian police agency for dealing with criminal matters. Equipped with several Corvettes and other small ships, the Sol Civilian Police Authority is an effective organisation for specialising in criminal investigations throughout the system.

The centrepiece for the TDR, Earth is the homeworld and centre of the Republic. The home for the United Nations Earth Government and the Terran Democratic Republic government branches, Earth has emerged from the crushing weight that it lived under at the end of the twentieth century. However the planet's situation is not entirely cosy. Pockets of poverty still exist in Central Africa, Asia and South America, though not nearly on the scale that was seen in the past. The standard of living for all people has been raised through economic booms, new technology and better governmental systems. Earth is not without its problems. Poverty still exists in concentrated pockets, telepathic prejudice is reaching an all time high and "Pro-Earth" groups rest as a malignant cancer on the governmental face of the planet. It seems that racism has only moved on to different targets, it has not been stamped out.

Major Cities: Sao Paolo (seat of interstellar government), London, Tokyo (seat of government), Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Cape Town, Hong Kong, New York.
Places of Interest: Great Wall of China, Yosemite National Park, and Sahara Desert
Government: United Nations - Earth HQ (Tokyo), Liberty Square (Sao Paolo), Congress and Senate Complexes
Military Protection: United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force.
Government Locations: CIC (Combined Intelligence Council - London), UNPPF HQ (Cairo)
Orbit: Roosevelt Shipyards, Phoenix Station, and Lunar Colony

Terran Democratic Republic Congress and Senate Buildings
The legislative branch of the government is located in Sao Paolo, in the Government Sector. The two buildings, one for the House of Representatives and the other for the Intergalactic Senate face each other from either side of a park, in the middle of which is a statue commemorating the unification of Earth and the birth of the Terran Democratic Republic.

Liberty Square
Liberty Square is the name given to the home and headquarters of the Secretary General, whose office is called "Office of the Republic", from which there are very good sea views over the Atlantic Ocean, as Liberty Square is right on the South American coast. It has dimensions of 400m x 400m in total, providing plenty of room for the Secretary General and his staff, the Deputy Secretary General and his staff, several of the cabinet ministers (who otherwise have ministries on different continents - the Treasury can be found in North America, but the Ministry of Agriculture is in China, for example) including the Galactic Security Advisor. Liberty Square is also the official residence of the Secretary General. Liberty Square is actually four buildings, joined together in a square shape with a landscaped area in the centre that has a lawn and flower beds, from which the Secretary General makes some of his speeches. On all four corners of Liberty Square, the flag of the Republic and the United Nations flies. The roof of the building is used for landing the motorcades and ministerial vehicles.

UNEHQ (United Nations Earth Headquarters)
Home of the elected Minister Governor of Earth, UNEHQ comprises elected advisors from all regions of Earth who assist in the creation of local legislation.

CIC (Combined Intelligence Council)
The Combined Intelligence Council is based in London. Founded in 2156, the CIC has become the interstellar Intelligence service for the Terran Democratic Republic. The dissolution of national intelligence services gave rise to the CIC. It is one of the most renowned intelligence services in the galaxy. Director Mohammed Rashid, the head of the CIC is based in London.

UNPPF HQ (United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force Head Quarters)
Actually not in Cairo itself, the UNPPF HQ is a huge, sprawling complex just outside the boundaries of the city and not far from the ancient, crumbling pyramids. Surrounded by tight security and high fences, a steady stream of shuttle and fighter craft leave for orbit and return from the sky to the complex. It is here that Fleet Admiral John MacFarlane; the Naval Commander in Chief is based.

Phoenix Station
In geo-synchronous orbit with Earth, Phoenix Station is what the International Space Station Project evolved in to over 500 years. A huge, bustling base, Phoenix Station is one of the primary centers for commerce and trade in the entire Republic. With an influx of at least 3 ships coming and going every hour, Phoenix Station is extremely popular. Controlled by the TDR government, however not under any specific jurisdiction. Phoenix Station is the economic capital for the planet Earth.

Roosevelt Shipyards
The secondary shipyards of the UNPPF (the main shipyards are in the Hera system), the Roosevelt Shipyards are positioned slightly away from Earth, so not in an orbit. A large collection of different sized shipyards; all UNPPF vessels are constructed here, from capital ships all the way down to fighters. Large bases are tethered together, and the UNPPF ships are held by shipyards that mould around their forms as needed. This allows for construction, maintenance or repair of any UNPPF ship, and even some others.

Lunar Colony
Covering 55% of the Moon's surface, Lunar Colony is based around the capital, "Armstrong City." The Moon remains uninhabited on its dark side, and there are areas of the light side yet to be colonised, however the lights of the large colony on the Moon can clearly be seen from Earth. Governed by Earth (Moons are not permitted independent representation in the Republic without special approval from the Security Council,) the Lunar Colonies are fiercely loyal to the planet Earth. Telepathic Prejudice is most predominant on the Lunar Colonies, and "Pro-Earth" groups are mainly centered here.

Colonised in 2119, the Mars colony quickly grew and spread across the inhospitable planet. 73% of it has now been terraformed, though the ground still retains its red hue from all of the dust. An independent member of the Terran Democratic Republic in its own right, Mars held an election in 2252 that separated it from Earth government. It has several seats in the United Nations House of Representatives and one senator. On Mars there is a popular "Peace Movement," calling for better cooperation with the OIP, and more of an effort to stop the war with the Gohorns. Several times sympathisers with this movement have come close to gaining a seat on the Martian Planetary Government; however more traditional humans have always taken the seats.

Major Cities: New Idaho, Olympus City (Seat of government)
Places of Interest: Olympus Mons
Government: United Nations Planetary Government of Mars
Military Protection: United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force
Government Locations: UNPGM (Olympus City)
Orbit: Yamato Shipyards

United Nations Planetary Headquarters of Mars
Mars is controlled by its own Planetary Governor, along with 8 other elected officials who have local jurisdiction over legislation affecting Mars only. The Planetary HQ is based in Olympus City, not far from the legendary Olympus Mons Mountain Range.

Yamato Shipyards
Older and smaller than the Roosevelt Shipyards in Earth space, the Yamato shipyards are much the same, a great sprawling construction of docks and yards. Designed to be the TDR's tertiary ship production facility, the Yamato Shipyards specialise in fighter design and construction. Some of the most innovative fighter designers in the galaxy are to be found working at the Yamato Shipyards, as well as some of the most gifted fighter pilots (when not on tours of duty.) The chance to test new and upcoming fighter designs for the shipyards is every pilot's dream.

Jupiter's use to the Terran Democratic Republic does not arise from the planet itself, to older navigational systems the planet is a gravitational hazard, however it is the moons of Jupiter that hold the value. Colonial and mining concerns have been established on most moons and there is a plethora of orbital stations at various orbits around the planet.

Io, the volcanic moon roughly similar in size to that of Earth's moon, has several colonial habitats, however the housing in these habitats is generally very cheap and so the safety of the colony is not by any means assured. 45% of the planet's surafe is taken up by massive energy harnessers, which collect the energy of the moon for use on installations across the system.

The class gap between Io and Callisto is extreme. Whereas the colonical administration on Io set up cheap housing, the Callisto authority was looking for a more audacious audience, and so set up luxury housing on the planet with marvellous vistats of Jupiter and the solar system. The majority of Callisto's population are wealty retirees looking to get away from the hectic life on Earth.

Like Jupiter it is the moons of Saturn that have interest to the government. Mostly mining operations take place on these moons, however.

Gas giant with little use to the government.

Neptune is far off the main civilian routes in and out of the Sol system, making the space nearby the planet perfect for a Vortex Drive testing ground for both corporations and the military.

Although not officially a planet, Pluto is a large asteroid connected to the Oort cloud at the rim of the solar system. However, since it is the planet furthest from any Terran installations, it was concluded that Pluto would be the perfect site for the main Sol Prison.

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