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What is New Worlds?

The basic components and ideas behind New Worlds Project
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Welcome new visitor to the New Worlds Project. We are a science-fiction creative writing and play-by-post role-playing community. You have entered a website where sci-fi reigns supreme and where dreams come together in a platform of creativity.

On our website, you are able able to access a wide range of information about New Worlds and all the activities that take place around this amazing project. The "About" section is designed in particular to educate new visitors about the New Worlds environment.

We have tried to compile all vital information that any prospective member would need to know before he or she could participate fully in this community. Our effort here is to provide a general overview, although we warn that the information contained in this website is far from comprehensive.

If for any reason this website doesn't prove sufficient to answer any of your questions about the New Worlds game and creative writing project, please feel free to contact us using our contact form with any additional questions you may have.

We thank you again for your choice to visit our humble website,

The New Worlds Administration

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