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What is New Worlds?

The basic components and ideas behind New Worlds Project
in Newcomer's Centre
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As we mention in our welcome address, the New Worlds Project is a science-fiction creative writing project. What does that mean exactly? The New Worlds Project was formed years ago as a way of improving one's writing abilities in an entertaining and enjoyable manner.

We are different from many creative writing projects in our approach. We use a common setting as the background to the stories we write. By using this common setting, we enable writers to interact with one another easily. By doing this, writers can choose to write solo, to write with a co-writer, or many co-writers. The Project thus provides a well-developed common frame of reference in order to enable a community to build around that frame of reference. Stories that are written as part of the creative writing project become interlinked with other stories.

Learning a common setting and learning to write with co-writers can be a challenging and enriching experience. To facilitate learning, all writers who join New Worlds Project participate in so-called "Target Locked" writing groups. In these writing groups, a moderator teaches you the ropes of the common setting. Once you have a firm grasp of the setting and the writing methodology, your experience and imagination are stretched to their full limit in "Weapons Free" where you can elect to write by yourself, in pairs, or with a writing group.

To date, the Project has led to the completion of several novels which now form an integral part of the setting.

Writers are able to build their stories either through the use of the role-playing game which we offer or through traditional methods of writing.

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