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What is New Worlds?

The basic components and ideas behind New Worlds Project
in Newcomer's Centre
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In the previous section we mention that writers are able to participate in the creative-writing project through the use of the role-playing game. The New Worlds Project is also an original "play-by-post" roleplaying game as well. The two
aspects of the Project, the role-playing game and the creative writing community both mutually support one another. Together they provide rich opportunities for writers to test the limits of the New Worlds Project setting.

To better understand what "play-by-post" (PbP) roleplaying is, we suggest you read the section "Play-by-Post Gaming?" We go into greater detail about play-by-post gaming

The role-playing game offers an alternative means of writing. Traditional methods of writing often are lonely exercises for a writer. The role-playing game, on the other hand, is unapologetically communitarian in its approach. Through its
approach, writers (turned characters) create, write, and finish stories jointly. The role-playing game thus offers the ultimate form of cooperative writing.

At New Worlds Project, the role-playing game is the subject of continual scrutiny to ensure role-players have fun. In 2007, some of the feedback from members and observers lead to the creation of New Worlds: "Target Locked" - a place where role-players could concentrate on individual characters. As characters accomplish missions, they gain new skills and are given ever greater rank and responsibility.

Whilst still in the development phase, Target Locked will eventually feature some classic role-playing game features. For eample, the responsibilities of the character will have long-term impact, as the specialisation of the character will allow the player access to items (and more) that are unique to that specialisation. These developments are on-going, offering players a continually evolving environment that responds to their wishes.

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