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What is New Worlds?

The basic components and ideas behind New Worlds Project
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The New Worlds Project can be called a science-fiction project due to its original setting. The role-playing game and creative writing project draw on the same setting as the basis for storylines. This enables contributions (either to the game or the project) to be mutually relevant and compatible.

What's the New Worlds setting like? We invite you to read the small teaser in "Why Should I Read On?" However, if you are pressed on time, here's a small introduction:

Welcome to the 26th Century - for centuries now mankind has travelled the stars and built an interstellar empire that is counted amongst the major powers of the known galaxy. During the 25th Century, the known galaxy has known an extended period of relative peace. A second Pax Romana, the crowning achievement of the Organisation for Interstellar Peace. Yet lurking in the shadows are tensions amongst the major powers: the guardians of that peace.

These tensions explode in extraordinary fashion in 2501. What begins as a small border dispute between Humans and Gohorns becomes all out war. Powerless, the O.I.P. tries in vein to stop the expansion of this war. By 2502, war has spread
through most of the known galaxy.

With over 5 years of development, the New Worlds Project's setting is well developed, intricate and accounts for several thousand pages of content. It provides an excellent, flexible, and surprisingly open platform for the writing of all kinds of stories (from novels to short stories, from romance to thriller).

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