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What is New Worlds?

The basic components and ideas behind New Worlds Project
in Newcomer's Centre
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In the previous sections, we have spent a great deal of time introducing the various unique aspects of the New Worlds Project. Writers will certainly find a home in our science-fiction creative writing community. Can this and its role-playing project counterpart be a community for others as well?

The answer must be a resounding yes. For many years, the New Worlds Project has attracted the skills and interest of
all kinds of people from all walks of life. Several graphic artists have been welcomed into our community and have over the years created many of the graphics you see around you. Likewise, we've been able to welcome musicians who have created original theme songs for us.

Readers too, will find that there is a wealth of stories to be read. From full length novels to short stories, the Project is a flourishing centre of creativity.

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