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Artificial Intelligence (Techno)

Artificial intelligence found in all starships
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Artifical Intelligence has been developed by most sentient, Vortex capable species. On all starships, a form of TAI (Techno-Artificial Intelligence or Techno-AI) computer exists which will carry out verbal command tasks and can take over critical operations when there is reduced crew. Legislation, however (and inherent programming in the Artifical Intelligence matrix) forbids AI to totally run starships, a skeleton crew is needed. The ability to give the TAI a personality matrix does exist. It is a simple computer program, however they are banned on military vessels (although some ships still give the AI an affectionate name) and are implemented only in some civilian vessels. The matrices can be more trouble than they are worth. Because all races are at different stages of development, their AI capabilities vary. Most TAIs that run starships require lots of processing power, and so can only be kept in computer cores.

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