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Why Should I Read On?

Highlighting our target audiences and the benefits they can expect
in Newcomer's Centre
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The previous sections have all highlighted to what extent our science-fiction creative writing community is geared towards the writers. Below is a list of benefits that you can expect to get from being a participant of the New Worlds Project.

- A developed, rich setting that helps unlock your imaginative potential

- Community support to help you get settled in and learn the setting

- Active community of likeminded people to talk to about writing and with whom to write.

- A place for novices to get exposure for their writings due to our guaranteed publication of completed New Worlds stories on the website.

- Forums to post New Worlds-based non-completed works for feedback within the community.

- Forums to post non-New Worlds related non-completed & completed works for feedback within the community.

- A game-based learning approach to help improve your writing.

- A chance to continually work on important components of good fiction plot development, character development, dialogue, and descriptive narration

- A stable community that has existed for many years, that creates networks of friendships for writers to talk about their craft.

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