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Highlighting our target audiences and the benefits they can expect
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The New Worlds Project creative writing project and role-playing game has become the inspiration for the creation of a not-for-profit organization that will aim to apply methodically the approach we have developed over the years. Accordingly, the academic sector will soon be able to benefit as well. We will be able to provide solutions suited to the specific needs of each class or school project.

- The setting, in a more limited, easy-to-digest form will become available as the basis of common creative writing projects for classes. It will help focus and unlock imaginative potential.

- Each class benefits from a separate forum and can use the methods we've learned to create a common project. Students and classes work together to further improve the setting.

- Students are able to see the work of their peers and can collaborate together in writing stories.

- A chance for students and teachers to publish their results and to get some exposure without excessive effort on the students' or teachers[ part.

- A fun, game-based approach will ensure that classes using this project will have students remembering the experience as a useful and fun opportunity to improve their writing skills.

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