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Fans of science-fiction stories will find a treasure awaiting them. The New Worlds Project welcomes so-called "lurkers" to watch its science-fiction creative writing project in action. The role-playing game also provides a continuous source of new sci-fi reads. The Project will keep you reading for many, many days.

- The New Worlds Project setting counts over 250 pages of background information on the setting. The Omnipedia is a chronicle of everything from day-to-day living to advanced technical specification files of destroyer-type starships.

- The Project has 3 full length novels completed, with more on the way.

- The Project has well over 4000 posts of role-playing, each featuring a detailed chapter of a character's living experience within the 26th century.

- The ability to get close to some up and rising sci-fi author, behind every New Worlds member is a potential Asimov.With New Worlds, it's easy to give authors feedback directly.

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