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The New Worlds Project has continually been open to overtures by non-writing artists to contribute to the New Worlds Project. The Project features a full-time graphics design project that supports the creative writing project and the role-playing game's goal of an ever more intricate setting. The sci-fi project has also been the host of musicians' imaginations.

- The New Worlds Project is an enthusiastic audience for graphic artists; we provide a number of forums for you to post your work.

- Images contributed to the New Worlds Project are used each and every day to inspire storylines. Your image could very well inspire a novel.

- Images are credited, authors retain ownership of graphics submitted to the New Worlds Project

- A challenging project that encompasses a huge variety of tasks and demands.

- Artists are supported by the Administration, given guidance, and have a small, tight-knit community of like-minded peers to discuss and improve their craft.

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