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Play-by-Post Gaming?

Introducing the concept of play-by-post role-playing
in Newcomer's Centre
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Practice makes perfect, if there is something that every resource devoted to teaching individuals how to write says: In order to become a better writer, you simply must write more and more.

The New Worlds Project naturally forces you to keep practicing. Not through coercion, not through forced assignments, but simply through fun and a bit of peer pressure from your co-writers. The methods we employ naturally draw you in, and your co-writers by their very action of adding to your ongoing stories force you to respond in writing.

The Project offers many places for you to discuss on-going role-plays and novels, these places are used actively by our members in order to discuss various aspects of the storyline - aspects which are vital to think about if you want to be a good creative writer. From plot development, to character development and everything in between, the Project trains you to think about these aspects because if you don't figure it out the role-play will quickly hit troubled waters.

In short, yes, the New Worlds Project certainly can prove a useful tool to help improve your writing skills.

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