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Artificial Intelligence (Corpus)

The next stage in artificial intelligence, a computer that thinks for itself and knows it exists
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Corpus-Artificial Intelligence is the precursor to organic computer software, which thinks for itself, knows its existence and knows it can be deleted, or even loose its signal. The program itself is in essense electrical signals, which is very similar to the thought and memory patterns of organic beings, specifically animals. This type of intelligence is very difficult to create as it requires knowledge of organic computers (the mind) and programming as well as reprogramming of such computers. These intelligence tend to be difficult to recognise in public due their physical similarities to organics. The notable exception is the colour of their blood when it is exposed to air. With Terrans, for example, blood when exposed to air is red. However, if this intelligence's inner systems are compromised, due to the chemicals the signals release the iron in that blood is attacked and altered slightly to the point in which the blood turns blue when it is exposed to air. There is a small mark on the back of the neck of individuals who posses this intelligence as the programming is accomplished through the major nerve network in the spine. Normallym it is a delicate operation which takes several days to complete. In a pinch, some AI can actually take over the mind of an individual. Although a small cord can be attached to the base of the neck, this cord is not often attached as there is an increased chance that it can be found (ie it shows up when an x-ray scan is performed on a person). This can be done only once as the new body will not have a cord, and even if an AI takes control of the mind of a telepath they will not have access to that telepath's abilities. In rare instances the AI programming does not replace the memory and thought patterns of its victim is still there and can still alter the chemicals in the person's body, it uses this chemicals to replace the person's personality over a long period of time ranging from 3 to 4 years. However, while this is happening an increased amount of stress is placed on the mind of the individual. This in turn puts more stress on that person's heart meaning that there is an increased chance of heart attacks and mental breakdowns during this period. In extreme cases, this can lead to insanity. Overall stress to the body itself is much higher with this form of organic AI, in that it is very rare for the bodies to last over 30 to 34 years with 37 years being the longest. Most of the damage is internal and not very visible unless the AI is in a very high stress enviroment or abuses the body. Highest form of natural death is through heart failure.

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