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The New Worlds science-fiction role-playing and creative writing project began in 2001 as the result of a discussion between co-founders Alex and Kim. What began as a hypothetical conversation then would become a project. The Project underwent two years of development solely at the hands of this duo.

The New Project sci-fi RPG opened its doors to public contribution in August 2003. Since then, the game has remained on the web for 7 years - undergoing numerous website designs, surviving and overcoming a website domain disaster, and successive burnouts of the co-founders.

The New Worlds role-playing and creative writing community has grown tremendously over the years. With 3 full length novels and well over 250 pages of background information about everything and anything, the Project now counts literally thousands of pages of released creative energy.

The roleplaying game is now in its 6th Season and has been on our co-founders' mind for 9 years.

The year 2006 was a crucial year in New Worlds' development, in October 2006, New Worlds Project celebrated the commencement of its 4th Season in style as the New Worlds Project incorporated in Belgium and the United States. As a non-profit corporation, headquartered in Brussels, New Worlds Project is now looking beyond the sci-fi RPG and is aspiring to bring the environment created by this community into the classroom. With its own corporate present at ,you can find out much more about our plans there.

In January 2007, New Worlds Project's RPG launched Target Locked and Weapons Free, fundamentally improving the role-playing game and using the opportunity to launched the 5th edition of its website.

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