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Our following members have been kind enough to contribute testimonials about their experience at the New Worlds Project. Who better to speak about our Project than our members themselves?

William Phase (Member Since 2006) says of New Worlds:
"So far in my very short time as a member I have found the Site to be outstanding, stories are good, the members eager to be helpful, and probably most important; the administration is just crazy organized. If you're even thinking about joining, or thinking about the slightest possibility of thinking about joining, I say do it. Get active and stay active, and have fun."

Another (Member Since 2004) says of New Worlds:
"New Worlds is a rather impressive site among the thousands like it on the web. It seems to hold a small friendly group that will always be willing to work with you. Many details are available on any writing topic you may choose to look into. Say hi and see what you think of these people."

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