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Preparing for Membership

A useful guide preparing you to participate in New Worlds
in Newcomer's Centre
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To become a member of the New Worlds sci-fi RPG and creative writing project we suggest you take the following steps in our suggested order so as to ensure you don't get overwhelmed!

First, get familiar with the setting by reading at least about the major powers of the setting. Give yourself plenty of time to digest the information as there is quite a lot of it!

Third, once done you should more or less have a feeling for the setting. At this point you are ready to begin preparing your first biography. Register an account at the Member site and have a look at already existing biographies on our website. Use those as your templates for your biography.

Fourth, once your biography is ready, you can post it to "Propose a Character," a member of staff will then review your biography and let you know if there are any problems.

Fifth step: your biography is approved, you can now post it on the website on a permanent basis. To do fill out the form located under Contribute > Submit a Biography.

Sixth step: Once your biography is posted, you can now join a Target Locked writing group. To do this, go to your user profile, you must now subscribe to the writing group of your choice. Once you have joined it, you will receive private messages from the moderator welcoming you to the user group and informing you of what is going on in the storyline.

That's it! After that, it will be only a matter of time before you're invited to join an interesting story! Welcome on board, you're a member now!

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