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Preparing for Membership

A useful guide preparing you to participate in New Worlds
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The New Worlds universe is set in the early 26th century. The 26th Century is a gloomy epoch, characterised by the definite breakdown of peace in the Known Universe.

Despite having maintained peace for the better part of the 25th century, the Organisation for Interstellar Peace proves incapable of resolving a dispute amongst two of its most powerful members.

The Gohorns first declare war after having been irritated by what they perceive as Terran overt attempts to take over sovereign Gohorn territory. This war is destined to not remain a local affair.

Quickly, the Terran Democratic Republic calls upon their allies, the Rosebourg Monarchy, to intervene. The Monarchy, a behemoth of a sovereign power, is cash-strapped and needs the support of the Terrans if they hope to escape from a particularly damaging recession.

In the midst of all of this, an EU-like coalition of independent small powers, choose to remain neutral, biding time in order to organise militarily and politically. They aim to become the newest superpower on the block, something which might not be so unrealistic.

There is also a massive section of space that remains unexplored - the major powers, however, rightly believe that this unexplored space houses the remnants of the former territories of the Natashan Nation (the first space-faring power).

Like the interest surrounding the fallen Roman Empire, all the major powers were at one time particularly interested in the wonders that these former territories kept hidden. These great exploration projects have been put on hold - as the major powers mobilise for war. Starships, equipped with massive laser weaponry, and ground troops carrying heavy hover-artillery prepare to resurrect the horrors of war.

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