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A useful guide preparing you to participate in New Worlds
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The 4 major powers in New Worlds are:

Players choosing to emulate characters that are citizens of any of these major powers have to take into account the various facts which have been written down about these powers. Each power, for example, isn't composed of the same species; it is important not to lose sight of these differences. It is likewise important, if you chose to play the game, that you become familiar with the major powers.This section will only briefly touch upon the crucial information.

The Terran Democratic Republic is the future we have imagined for humanity. Earth, united under a single banner, has known a tremendous success. Within the O.I.P., it was arguably the most powerful member commanding respect amongst the other member powers. The Terran Democratic Republic, however, became constrained by its territorial space in the late 25th century.

With the number of habitable planets diminishing in the wake of successful colonization programmes, the T.D.R. embarked on its controversial Project Atlas. Project Atlas was a colonization programme which would seek to colonise uninhabited worlds found in what was sovereign Gohorn territory. The Terrans argued that since the Gohorns could never use those worlds in any case, that it couldn't matter to the Gohorns if Terrans colonised those worlds.

It is the T.D.R's insistance on proceeding with this programme that pushed the Gohorns to attack the Republic. The United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Force (UNPPF) have now had to take up the daunting challenge of fighting off what is no doubt the most powerful military force known to man, that of the Gohorn Directorate.

Strengths: The Terrans are reputed for having particularly skilled fighter pilots.

Weaknesses: The Terrans do not particularly excel in either space combat or ground combat.

Allies of the Terran Democratic Republic, the Rosebourg Monarchy is one of the most technologically advanced of the major powers. Having had an earlier space expansion age than its neighbours, the Rosebourg Monarchy is geographically larger than any of the other powers. This early expansion lent it an early golden age which culminated in ambitious projects of civilisation.

Key amongst them was the exploration of the former territories of the Natashan Nation. This golden age, however, was short lived... it was quickly discovered that the Monarchy was living beyond its means. The major species in the Rosebourg Monarchy, in particular the Navaks and the Avrans, have thus had to live with a particularly damaging recession that has had the effect of making the Monarchy particularly dependent on its Terran allies.

This recession, however, doesn't mean that the Monarchy can be ignored as a power. Counting the largest and most potent star fleet, the Monarchy is still a force to be reckoned with. Despite having declared war on the Gohorn Directorate, however, Rosebourg enthusiasm for the war is quite subdued.

Strengths: The Rosebourg Monarchy have a particularly well developed star fleet, that is both superior numerically and technologically.

Weaknesses: An under-funded, mal-equipped Legionnaire force makes the Rosebourg Monarchy particularly weak on the ground. Its economy is also a mess.

The Gohorn Directorate in particular have had a difficult time with the O.I.P. This is simply because the Gohorns are not made for sitting in nice little round tables. Having been traditionally a power which negotiated with its guns rather than with its diplomats, the O.I.P. era was particularly damaging to the Gohorn Directorate's stature as a major power.

The Gohorn Directorate is representative of a particularly well evolved species of hunters and warriors. Their belligerence is,
however, always the result of genuine grievances. In any case, a new government was formed in the early 26th century replacing a pro-O.I.P. government. This government has changed the political dynamic within the Gohorn Directorate.

Thus, the pendulum in the Gohorn Directorate is quickly shifting back to the use of its military as a negotiating tool. The result was the refusal of the Gohorn Directorate to accept the Terrans' Project Atlas without a fight. Feeling genuinely assaulted by the Terrans, the Gohorn Directorate declared war. Having not planned particularly for the Rosebourgs, the Gohorns now have to deal with a war on two fronts as a result of the Rosebourg entry into the war.

Strengths: The most powerful ground force anywhere fights for the Gohorn Directorate.

Weaknesses: A star fleet which is particularly weak against agile forces like those equipped en masse by the Monarchy and the Republic.

The Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds was created as a response to the perceived lack of influence the smaller powers held within the O.I.P. Led by one of the wealthiest of these smaller powers, Luna Minoris, the Confederacy quickly grew to encapsulate more and more Member States.

Becoming since the strongest economic bloc in the known universe, the Confederacy isn't a sovereign state as such. Member States retain their sovereignty upon joining the Luna Minoris Confederacy, and attempts to create a super-state have proven unsuccesful for the time being. An ambitious project to create a join LMC military has been in the works for the better part of a decade, but the Members have been reticent about actually implementing the plans.

The Confederacy houses the most diverse groups of species in the known universe, and has chosen for pragmatic reasons to remain out of the war. Its neutrality is buying it invaluable time to get the Confederacy in a stronger position to force the peace.

Strengths: The L.M.C. has the most powerful economic base and is profiting greatly from the war.

Weaknesses: The L.M.C. has limited control of the territories under its jurisdiction; the militaries of the Member States are in varying readiness to wage a war.

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