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New Worlds, like many other science-fiction works, is about the future and the effects the future technology has had on lifestyles. As such, any understanding of New Worlds will involve an awareness of what has changed. The technology in New Worlds is as much designed to facilitate things, as it is designed to maintain certain limitations.

In New Worlds, starships have not developed protective shields like those on Star Trek. Likewise, food replicators that remove the necessity to re-supply regularly have not been developed. People cannot 'beam' from one place to another, the technology proving too costly and dangerous to develop. Furthermore, starships have considerable weaknesses against planetary defence systems which simply outclass starship ones. Thus, any planetary invasion must necessarily happen on the ground.

Perhaps, first and foremost, the greatest advancement has been the invention of faster-than-light travel, which along with it, has rendered inter-planetary colonisation possible. Faster-than-light travel research in New Worlds was advanced considerably by the discovery of vortex space.

Starships equipped with a vortex-drive, are capable of travelling at faster-than light speeds. This doesn't mean, however, that every which point in the universe is accessible within a few hours. Space is vast, and it has been calculated that a ship travelling in vortex, would (as a result of various technical restrictions) take approximately a year to travel from one point to the next. Realistically, a vessel which stops regularly to replenish its supplies would take at least twice or thrice this amount of time.

With faster-than-light travel possible, fleets of starships have been developed. There is a massive number of starships currently operating within the Known Universe. Starships can have either military or civilian usages. As a result, the diversity of starship types and classes has been assured. In New Worlds, we make a clear distinction between lightly-armed to unarmed civilian starships vs. lightly-armed to heavily armed military ones.

Military starships have two major aims:
- to defend the sovereign space of a nation and
- to transport ground troops to enemy planets.

New Worlds has a massive library of technical specification files which showcases the individual powers' range of starships. Information about them can be found in the section "26th Century"

The invention of hover-technology has had a tremendous impact on the means of transportations available on a planet.
With hover-technology, vehicles no longer need to remain stuck to the ground.

Hovercars have replaced the traditional fuel-burning vehicle. Likewise, railroads have become hover-railroads. This has removed the need for most paved roads and railroad tracks. As a result, many planets have become more ecologically friendly.

Hover technology has also had its application in the military, with tanks, helicopters, armoured carrier transports, and other vehicles becoming hover-capable. This has led to a major revolution in military stratagem.

Advancements in weaponry have also taken place. All modern militaries readily use laser weaponry as the weapon of choice. Adding onto these point-laser systems are a wide variety of missiles and torpedoes and countermeasures to counteract these very missiles and torpedoes. Each comes with its own limitation in range, accuracy, and weapon availability.

Once again, one would be best served by checking out the 26th Century section of our website in order to acquire more species-specific information about these developments.

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