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Preparing for Membership

A useful guide preparing you to participate in New Worlds
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At the time of writing, New Worlds has two major war zones. These war zones, the Terran/Gohorn Sector, and the Rosebourg/Gohorn/LMC Sector are both active war fronts which encapsulate a limited number of inhabited star systems.

The Terran/Gohorn sector is reputed for having the most active war front, whereas the Rosebourg and Gohorn engage in a small tit for tat exchange that both try to keep from eating up too many of their resources.

New Worlds provides its gamers with an updated map in the section of the website found in "26th Century" > "Day-to-Day Living".

The Terran/Gohorn sector is focused around the crucial star systems of Hestia/Endat (T.D.R), Narimbar (home star system of the O.I.P), and Endat (G.D). The Terran/Gohorn sector is at the heart of the frontlines, pitting most of the military might of these two powers in a heavily concentrated area. It is also here that the unsolvable diplomatic problem began.

The Rosebourg/Gohorn/LMC sector is focused around the pivotal star systems of Grace Minoris (R.M), Yergat (G.D), and Memba (L.M.C). Grace Minoris is home to a massive fleet yard installation that the Rosebourg had originally planned to use to explore the nearby former territories of the Natashan Nation. Currently the Gohorns have the advantage, having broken the initial lines of defence - they seem on the verge of launching an all-out assault against Grace Minoris.

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