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Artificial Intelligence (Visitors)

The ultimate form of artificial intelligence in the Known Galaxy
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Visitors are a form of Corpus-Artificial Intelligence which were first created several thousand years before mankind invented fire, in the Tsugunai system. These organic AI were created by a race of beings who overtime grew to dislike metallic based AI (including basic computers). When they were first created they were formed to be the Tsugunai culture's shock troops and slave labour, however overtime their own creations began to question their existence. Why were they created? What gave their creators the right to own them? When the visitors participated in an observation of a nearby solar system, now called Sol, the visitors truly questioned their existence and finally revolted. This led to a very bloody revolution throughout the system, killing all those people not like they. Only a portion of the organic population were involved in this slaughter, but in doing so they turned their creators against all of them.

The War lasted over 500 years, quickly exhausting the abilities of both sides. Early in the war battles listed deaths in the thousands, until it settled down into a slower and more punishing war. The war itself was finally ended by the Blue Sun, the last remaining starship.

The Blue Sun was a test ship for AI intelligence controlling a sort of ferry like trading ship between the major planets of the system. When the war began it was altered to become a support ship. Luckily, its main computer lasted thoughout the long war. But it was tricked by the visitor side into delivering a virus which decimated the entire population, however, by the time this was realized the visitors had found another host. Humans. The Blue Sun, tricked into thinking that mankind might provide the cure to then mysterious illness helped kidnap several people from Earth, at which time it returned them to its own solar system. By this time, barely over 1000 of the creators were still alive, and little over 800 of the visitors.

Upon returning to the system, the final part of the trap was entered and the Blue Sun itself was severely damaged. It retreated with a portion of the survivors, the rest covering the retreat where it hid somewhere in the system. However, in doing so it also took the Matirx which was used to create the visitor population. No new visitor has been born since this time. This was Blue Sun's final revenge for their betrayal. Until now, their population has declined until now there is barely a dozen of the visitors left alive. Each of them search for the Blue Sun to get back their Matrix and become a dominate species again. Their adaptation into Terran society has been one of luck, however much skepticism now exists surrounding the visitors and research is beginning into their unusual origins.

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