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Explaining the structure and pages of our About section
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Our About Page features an extensive guide addressed to all our visitors. Whether you are an expert play-by-post role-player, or completely new to science-fiction, the following pages will offer you a brief, but comprehensive introduction to New Worlds Project.

The following pages are divided into 6 sections.

First, a walk through of New Worlds Project is offered, highlighting the core concepts behind our Project. We then explain what are the benefits offered to our target groups. Third, we delve into play-by-post gaming as a concept, and explain how it is applied in New Worlds specifically. We then highlight how New Worlds Project offers avenues of creative expression for more than just writers. We prove this through our statistics, before finally delving into the different steps needed to become a full member of New Worlds Project.

A table of content is offered below for your information:

What is New Worlds?

You will find information explaining for the first time visitor the concept behind New Worlds.

Inside this section you will find:

1) Welcome Address - welcoming you to the Centre

2) The Creative Writing Project - an introduction to the New Worlds Project science-fiction creative writing project

3) The Role-Playing Game - an introduction to the New Worlds Project sci-fi play-by-post role-playing game

4) The Setting - an introduction to our original sci-fi setting

5) A community open to all - An explanation as to how this site is even more than just a writers' site

Why Should I Read On?

Information explaining the benefits our target audiences reap from the New Worlds Project.

Inside this section you will find:

1) Who Can This Site Interest? - A brief outline of our target audiences and the benefits we offer them

2) Benefits for Writers - A more in-depth look at the benefits reaped by writers with the New Worlds creative writing project

3) Benefits for Role-Players - A more in-depth look at the benefits reaped by role-playing with the New Worlds Project role-playing game

4) Benefits for Students and Teachers - An explanation of the benefits soon-to-be reaped by schools, students, and teachers thanks to the New Worlds Project

5) Benefits for Readers - An explanation as to how New Worlds indirectly benefits sci-fi readers

6) Benefits for Artists - An explanation as to how New Worlds indirectly benefits science-fiction artists.

Play-by-Post Gaming?

Information explaining the concept of play-by-post role-playing. We also go into details about how we apply it within the New Worlds creative writing and roleplaying project.

Inside this section you will find:

1) What is Play-by-Post Gaming? - Getting right down to explaining the concept and how you actually do it

2) Can it REALLY Help My Writing? - Some arguments in favour of this approach to help you become a better writer

3) How Does it Work in New Worlds? - How is the method actually applied in the New Worlds context

4) Are There Any Rules? - As with any community, certain rules and guidelines do apply.

What if I'm not a Writer?

Information explaining highlighting how we welcome contributions from people who have other skills than writing to offer. We look forward to your ideas and contributions.

Inside this section you will find:

1) Have an Idea? Propose It! - Getting right down to explaining how you can suggest and implement new ideas with us

2) Information for Graphics Designers - Specific information about our Graphics Design Project

3) Spread the Word About Us! - Another way in which you can help is explained here

New Worlds in Statistics

Information explaining how much activity the New Worlds Project actually welcomes on its website. Everything from traffic information, to number of posts. Check out what our members actually think of the Project!

Inside this section you will find:

1) Highlights of Our Existence - A brief summary of the highlights of our existence

2) Forum Statistics - Statistical data on the War Zone Forums

3) Website Statistics - Statistical data on the Websites of the Project

4) Members' Testimonials - What our members really think of the place

Preparing for Membership

Information explaining how you actually become a member and get settled into the New Worlds Project. We offer a step-by-step guide with related links as well as a quick introduction of the essential elements of the setting.

Inside this section you will find:

1) Step-by-Step Guide - Become a member quickly and easily by following this step-by-step guide's instructions

2) Links for the Step-by-Step Guide - Related links of the step-by-step guide

3) Quick Intro: The Setting - An introduction getting you into the mood of the New Worlds Project's sci-fi setting

Quick Intro: The Major Powers - Who are the big boys in the New Worlds setting?

5) Quick Intro: Technological Advances - Just how far did we advance with regards to technology?

6) Where Does the Action Take Place? - An introduction to the setting's declared war zones

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