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500 Years of Terran Democratic Republic Economy

Consolidation under the United Nations
by AOMMonty author list
in The 26th Century
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At the beginning of the 2000's, there was no TDR, there was an United Nations, but it was for the most part a place for countries to discuss, debate and sometimes posture. It had no real power, political or economic. The economy was a global one, though it was somewhat dominated by a single economic superpower. Over time however the homogenized political power became to reside in the newly evolved United Nations.

The ascension of the UN was brought about by in the 21st the evolving power of large consortiums of business ventures that eventually merged into what most Terrans refer to as the MegaCorps at the end of the 2000's . The 22nd century found national boundaries being rendered less and less significant, as the MegaCorps began to usurp some of the prerogatives of national governments. Alarmed at this turn of events, traditional national governments began to vest more power into the United Nations ceding certain policing power to the UN (see internet crime). By this time, countries had organized into ?Trading Blocks? more or less defined by geographical locations, further eroding the base of traditional national governments. There was the European Union, The US led Western Hemisphere Alliance for Trade, ASEAN for the Asian & Pacific Rim, African Union for Africa.

This was required due to the advent of spaceflight and the colonization of close by star systems. The human reach to the stars meant that there was a need for a single consistent currency and economy. The first contact with a non-human species galvanized the human race into a mind set not attained before, the sub racial characterization disappeared. When ?Them? meant a Gohorn, Navak, Avran, Dividian, Leethran or what have you. ?Us? was human regardless of facial construct, skin color, heritage, or language. This commonality of the human race had two important ramifications, first, at this point there was need for a government for the species instead of territories and the natural successor to this need was the United Nations, which probably was a misnomer, since there were no real nations any longer. However, regardless of the lexicon, the United Nations became the government of The Human Race. The second ramification was due to the first, there was now a body powerful enough to reign in the MegaCorps that were somewhat in the order of Robber Barons, operating at the fringes of the law, if not outside of it. It was the creation of two quasi-governmental agencies that rather brought all companies and corporations in line. They were The ECAB (Electronic Communications Access Board) and The IFSA (Interstellar Flight Systems Agency.) Through these two entities, The United Nations owned the internet and all legal vortex drives. The control of these two critical tools of commerce was the leverage needed to overcome the power of The MegaCorps. The initial establishment of these agencies were met with some resistance, there was a decrying of the abandonment of the free market based economy that had served The TDR so well. To the UN?s credit, the ownership was not a large drag on the markets, the UN?s legislative bodies carefully made sure that the heavy hand of government was not evident in either the markets for internet or a vortex drive. In any case the human reach into the stars was an orderly one and a profitable one. The relatively unhindered MegaCorps dominated the commerce whereever the humans went, there was no challenger to The TDR?s economic dominance until the advent of The Luna Minoris Confederacy (See LMC Economics.)

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