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Aribo Atmospheric Fighter-Interceptor

The planned atmospheric work horse of the Confederate fighter force
by New Worlds Staff author list
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Name: Aribo Class Fighter
L.M.C. Common Registry: N/A
Fighters Constructed To Date: 0
Last Refit & Modifications to Specs: Hyperdate: 490.03.17
Current Mission Assignment of Class: Atmospheric Fighter-Interceptor
Construction Sites: Bar Fightercraft Construction Yards

Brief History on the Creation of the Class
As part of the 2490 Paper on a Confederacy Military, the Luna Minoris Confederacy's High House of Policy published a series of technical specifications file that would include a highly diversified manifest of fightercrafts. This diverse manifest would be able to fulfill the many tasks that would be asked of a unified Confederacy military force including, but not limited to patrol, escort, and diplomatic missions as well. In order to improve planetary defense capabilities within the Luna Minoris Confederacy, the planned Confederacy military is expected to benefit from an extensive fightercraft force - with seperate atmospheric and space classes.

The Aribo class atmospheric fighter-interceptor would be a fast vehicle within an atmosphere. Rugged in design, it would be an agile craft capable of a variety of mission tasks on a planet - including the interception of enemy fightercrafts, escorting of friendly fighter-bombers, and more.

Length: 013 meters
Beam: 016.32 meters
Height: 01 deck (004.5 meters)

Crew Capacity
Maximum Crew Capacity: 001 pilot, 001 weapons officer
Regular Crew Capacity: 001 pilot, 001 weapons officer

Ion Drive System
Ion Drive Manufacturer: Nabo Engines
Ion Engine Model: 300G2
Normal Cruising Speed: 30,220 kilometers per second
Maximum Cruising Speed: 33,100 kilometers per second
Emergency Speed: 33,450 kilometers per second
Maximum Speed: 33,750 kilometers per second
Destructive Speed: 33,777 kilometers per second

Defensive System
Counter Measures:
Countermeasure Manufacturer: Latoo Weapons Designs, Radzak
Countermeasure Type: Eee-Awk
Countermeasure Range: 20,000 kilometers
Countermeasure #: 3 (maximum 3)

Anti-Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
AMT Interceptors Manufacturer: Latoo Weapons Designs, Radzak
AMT Interceptors Type: Nyark
Interceptors Range: 20,250 Kilometers
Interceptor #: 2 (maximum 2)

Laser System
Manufacturer: Latonga Weapons Designs, Radzak
Model: Ssis
Output: 115 Megawatts
Number of Laser Turrets: 2 (2 fore)

Multi-Ordinance Systems
Modular Ordinance Hardpoints:
The Aribo incorporates the Modular Ordinance Hardpoint (MOH) technology developed by the Rosebourg Monarchy first sold to the Ventaars as part of an economic relief package for the Rosebourg Monarchy. The Ventaars have since improved the design. The MOH allows ordinance "modules", pre-loaded with weapons, to be installed in the hardpoints of a fightercraft. A computer chip comes with each module, interfaces with the fighters computer, and tells the computer the exact capabilities of the weapons package.

#1 Package:
This package is composed of 8 Nya-Nya (Guided Laser/Explosive Missile) ship-to-ship/surface missiles. The Nya-Nya carries a the equivalent of 10 laser discharges equal to 55 megawhatts in its warhead. It is a guided "Fire-and-Forget" missile, meaning that once the pilot targets and fires the weapon, it will proceed to the target with no external help. The targeting device is an image-recognition camera mounted in the nose of the missile. It is best used against "soft" targets.

#2 & 3 Package:
Composed of 4 500 Kilogram Eeek-Too (Laser Guided Phaser Explosive Bombs), this is used against "hard" stationary targets that are lightly defended, since it requires the fighter to get rather close. The guidance system is a laser targeter that locks onto the target, and adjusts the bombs glide path to make the hit more precise. The huge warhead is equal to nearly 100 50-megawhatts laser discharges, a devastating effect. A smaller package, the Eeek Tala-22/3 module, with 6 222 Kilogram Eeek-Talas (Equal to 10 50-megawhatts laser discharges), is also available when the Eeek-Too could cause excessive collateral damage.

#4 Package:
A ground superiority package, designed for use against fighters and hover-vehicles. Instead of bombs and ground attack missiles, this package includes the ground Intercept Missile Ook-Ta, a capable weapon, with a small warhead, a laser bomb equal only to 200 megawhatts. The Ook-Ta uses an IIR seeker (Imaging Image Recognition- Images stored on a computer chip inside the missile are matched with what the imager in the missile see's and determines its target) but can be slaved to the TSP-76 sensor suite and pursue the sensor profile of that target. It measures 1.9 meters long, 24 centimeters in diameter, and weighs in at 90 Kilograms. It travels at about the same speed as a torpedo, but has a range of only 250,000 kilometers. The standard package includes 8 missiles, with wingtip rails providing mounts for two more missiles. However, carrying missiles on the wingtips increases the ships sensor cross section by 14%, eliminating many of the designs stealth features.

Special Systems
Manuf Mar-Cha Engines
Model: Eeloose - Afterburner upgrades

The afterburner upgrades, which are a standard component of any new fightercraft allow for sustained maximum speeds of up to 10 seconds before a recharge is necessary. They are extremely important for giving the extra edge in speed that is so vital to fightercrafts.

Deck Analysis
01 Decks
Deck 01: Flight and Weapons Control Cockpit

Various Information
The Aribo atmospheric fighter interceptor owes its name to Parliamentarian Aribo, who campaigned that the fightercraft force had to be given a more central role in the Luna Minoris Confederacy's military fleet designs. Aribo claimed that it would be the future main weapon of any fleet.

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